How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 31 2004

"L'___ del Cairo" (Mozart opera) OCA
1996 Best Picture nominee FARGO
Actor Linden HAL
Ark landing site ARARAT
ATM's lack ONES
Attracted DREW
Belarus, once: Abbr. SSR
Bogus gem PASTE
Bonds stat RBI
British rule in colonial India RAJ
Brusque RUDE
Business at hand AGENDA
Certain Coyote WILEE
Confucian concept TAO
Copter component ROTOR
Deflect PARRY
Delight in RELISH
Dining option ALACARTE
Donnybrooks MELEES
Excessively sentimental expressions TREACLES
Felon's file RAPSHEET
Frankness CANDOR
Gets off the fence OPTS
Give a nudge PROD
Grimalkin CAT
Half of a carefree phrase EASYGO
Hastened RACED
Historic mission ALAMO
Hour div. MIN
Incomplete components PARTIALS
Indeterminate quantity SOME
It may be cocked HAT
Itinerary abbr. RTE
Jr. and sr., e.g. YRS
Knock about ROAM
Kyoto fast food SUSHI
Lively Latin dance SALSA
Moan and groan CARP
Monty Python's Idle ERIC
Mountain ridge ARETE
National park allure SCENERY
Oil field sight DERRICK
One is dynamic DUO
Pac-10 member ASU
Paver's supply TAR
Place or show horse LOSER
Pod opener? TRI
Polar feature ICECAP
Port in SE Iraq BASRA
Quarky item? ATOM
Quiet firework SPARKLER
Racket DIN
Region roughly the size of the United States SAHARA
Rescued damsel's cry MYHERO
Samuel Gompers org. AFL
Short collection? REPO
Shows displeasure SCOWLS
Side product? AREA
Site of the fabled forges of the Cyclopes ETNA
Some serpents ADDERS
Stat that is better when lower ERA
Tibetan gazelle GOA
Took in CONNED
Track flings JAVELINS
Try out TEST
Understands GRASPS
Upper hand EDGE
Valhalla honcho ODIN
Waiting room LOUNGE
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