How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 28 2003

''A Beautiful Mind'' subject NASH
''Ditto!'' METOO
''Do it or ---!'' ELSE
''Now hear ___'' THIS
''The Time Machine'' race ELOI
A way to see things EYETOEYE
Abba of Israel, not Sweden EBAN
Abbreviation on tires PSI
Actor Randall TONY
Alternative to special delivery EXPRESSMAIL
An active volcano ETNA
An expression of regret APOLOGY
Anglo-___ SAXON
Angry people may hit it ROOF
Apportion METE
Auto import from Europe OPEL
Bakery goodie TART
Barrie bad guy SMEE
Beetle-shaped amulet SCARAB
Best of the Beatles? PETE
Betting group POOL
Big rig SEMI
Blacksmith's tool RASP
Blubber SOB
Campus sports org. NCAA
Caused to limp LAMED
Charles de Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Cheese coated in wax EDAM
Christmas seasons NOELS
Clog location DRAIN
Common verb ARE
Cousin providers AUNTS
Cropped up AROSE
Cuts away PARES
Dazzling STELLAR
Detailed account BLOWBYBLOW
Distance in a Stephen King title MILE
Easy's partner NICE
Eavesdropper SNOOP
Emulated a snake SLITHERED
Estate without limitation to any class of heirs FEESIMPLE
Esther of ''Good Times'' ROLLE
Evangelist's suggestion PRAY
F.D.R.'s successor HST
Fashion magazine ELLE
Fast follower? ASLEEP
Father SIRE
Fay Wray's role in ''King Kong'' ANN
Feeder of the body's organs AORTA
Female fairy tale monster OGRESS
Figure skater Kulik ILIA
Flat float RAFT
Flee hastily LAM
Foolish person NITWIT
Freshman cadet PLEBE
Friend, in the hood BRO
Gilligan's locale ISLE
Glass tube used in chemistry PIPETTE
Graceful creatures SWANS
Gratify PLEASE
Great expectations HOPES
Greek wine RETSINA
Hammer or sickle TOOL
Hand lender AIDE
Hitherâs companion YON
Holds fast ADHERES
How some boxers fight TOETOTOE
Inkling IDEA
Intimate friend PAL
It may be said before meals AMEN
Jasmine, for one TEA
Jumped over LEAPT
Jury member PEER
Kind of standard GOLD
Knightâs title SIR
Laundry problem STAIN
Legal conclusion? ESE
Lemur's hangout TREE
Like some orders TALL
Like some trigger fingers ITCHY
Loamy deposit LOESS
Lot measurement AREA
Madison and Lincoln, e.g. STATECAPITALS
Magazine installment ISSUE
Matinee, for one IDOL
Medication amounts DOSES
Method of meditation and exercise YOGA
Mo. for sapphires SEPT
Monopoly place PARK
Mrs. Rob Petrie LAURA
Music also called hip-hop RAP
Musical ladders SCALES
Name of several Norwegian kings OLAV
Net judge's call LET
New Year's word SYNE
Not well mentally DAFT
Olympianâs prize MEDAL
Onassis nickname ARI
One after the other BACKTOBACK
One of Chekhov's ''Three Sisters'' OLGA
One place to roll in AISLE
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Oxen of Tibet YAKS
Partook of ATE
Pertaining to a leg bone TIBIAL
Ply with drink BESOT
Practice deception LIE
Preserved, in a way CANNED
Prohibition-era fixtures SPEAKEASIES
QED center ERAT
Quiz ASK
Scale-tipping OBESE
Segment of history ERA
Self-conceit EGO
Senior celebration PROM
Se–ora's stewpot OLLA
She played Rosemary MIA
Shine partner RISE
Shoelaceâs end AGLET
Simba's sound ROAR
Single thing ONE
Slippery substance OIL
Smoothness EASE
Some bounders HARES
Some oilmen EMIRS
Something to throw in TOWEL
South American cattle-catcher BOLA
South Korea's largest city SEOUL
Sporty truck, for short UTE
Spreads on breads OLEOS
Staggers REELS
Stick-on DECAL
Stonewall STALL
Suspended sculptures MOBILES
Sweater synthetic ORLON
Swindler's name, possibly ALIAS
Tea pastries SCONES
Tiresias, in a way SEER
Tobacco driers OASTS
Took a load off SAT
Toronto-to-Montreal dir. ENE
Treat for Cookie Monster OREO
Tucked in for the night ABED
Type of drum TOMTOM
Type of whiskey IRISH
Varied mixture OLIO
Very small amount TRACE
Vital body tube AORTA
Waldorf salad ingredient APPLE
Web-footed creature OTTER
Word alphabetizers ignore THE
Word with smoke or water HOLY
Writes out of an inheritance DISOWNS
Yields to pressure GIVES
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