How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 27 2015

"Don't take ___ hard!" ITSO
"Pic-a-nic" basket seeker YOGI
A lucky number SEVEN
A woman of refinement LADY
Actor Mineo SAL
Actor who played Superman REEVE
Admit customers OPEN
Banned crop spray DDT
Bark sharply, as a pup YIP
Be given an advantage GETTHEUPPERHAND
Be laid up with HAVE
Brightly colored fish OPAH
Campus recruiting org ROTC
Carpentry groove DADO
Checkout-line unit ITEM
Choral compositions MOTETS
CIA operative SPY
Click, as fingers SNAP
Climactic time in Westerns NOON
Clutch, for one PEDAL
Columbus, by birth GENOVESE
Cousin of "harrumph" PSHAW
Cubic meter STERE
Cygnet's mom PEN
Delay the progress of HINDER
Did not step lightly TROD
Disparage BELITTLE
Distort or buckle WARP
Divulge without thinking (with "out") BLURT
Doing nothing IDLE
Dutch Guiana, now SURINAME
Early part of one's life YOUTH
Emmy winner Reiner ROB
Extreme dislike HATRED
Fashion designer Saint Laurent YVES
Fiddling Roman tyrant NERO
Font for holy water STOUP
French or revolving DOOR
Fret and fume FUSS
Future mom's doc, briefly OBGYN
Gear elements COGS
Grand total SUM
Hammock holders TREES
Indian princes RAJAS
Ingredient in lotions ALOE
Insect's final stage IMAGO
It excites a sense AROMA
Its walls withstand a lot of pressure AORTA
Kind of report or tradition ORAL
Lead-in for "trooper" or "sol" PARA
Like a rare baseball game NOHIT
Like some shotguns SAWEDOFF
Magic act segment ESCAPE
Man-mouse link ORA
Manufacturer's tag LABEL
Move with a mouse DRAG
On pins and needles EDGY
Play elements? TOYS
Poetic dedications ODES
Proceed along a route WEND
Related to the ear OTIC
Shared between us OURS
Ship's weight unit TON
Shooter's target, often HOOP
Some drinks on tap ALES
Start rolling, at work GETDOWNTOTHEJOB
Store away STASH
Stuffable bread PITA
Summer holiday (with "the") FOURTH
Take in, as trousers ALTER
The "p" in rpm PER
They may be graphic ARTS
Type of doll or economics VOODOO
Uneven, as a leaf edge EROSE
Weapon with a bell-shaped guard EPEE
Word after "Exit" ONLY
You may earn it WAGE
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