How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 24 2019

"Como ___?" esta
'90s Warrior Princess xena
Agree jibe
Alpine call yodel
Atop upon
Bagel type with small seeds sesame
Baltimore baseballer oriole
Bay ___ (Berkeley's region) area
Beachgoer's acquisition suntan
Birdbrain idiot
Bottle stoppers corks
British policeman punches? bobbysocks
Change the decor redo
Classes that are smooth sailing easyas
Clickable image icon
Core belief tenet
Cravings yens
Cuban currency peso
Danger peril
Declare avow
Drivers who charge fares cabbies
Elevator stop floor
Fan favorite idol
Fellow emcee cohost
First game of the season opener
Flies high soars
Former forensic TV series csi
Frosty accessory pipe
Furry feet paws
Horse course near Windsor Castle ascot
Hosiery flaw snag
Humpty Dumpty's shape oval
Hunting canine setter
Instants jiffs
Leave out omit
Locations for figureheads prows
Make an offer for bidon
Makes chocolate chip cookies bakes
New jersey? calf
One-tenth of a dime cent
Paella ingredient rice
Peace goddess irene
Photograph shoot
Professional rider sets limits? jockeycaps
Pugilist destroys a circuit? boxershorts
Purina competitor iams
Regret rue
Rodeo performer starts up a computer? cowboyboots
Senate contest race
Sheep cries baas
Shoelace bump knot
Show curiosity ask
Skulk lurk
Small inventions? fibs
Smidgens bits
Some reds clarets
Soothing succulent aloe
Split from the band gosolo
Sports stadium arena
Squash, for one sport
Stadium level tier
Standards norms
Stir up roil
Sweet sandwich oreo
Swimmer's woe cramp
They go in and out styles
Tuscan city siena
Upscale hotel chain omni
Velvet barriers ropes
Violin section neck
Watch chain fob
Wedding spinner deejay
Windy City trains els
Without sans
Woolly babe lamb
World Cup cheer ole
You only live ___ once
___ sapiens homo
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