How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 20 2011

"Climb ____ my knee, Sonny Boy ..." UPON
"Take a Chance On Me" group ABBA
"___ 'em and weep!" READ
"___ after my own heart" AMAN
Abnormal chest sound RALE
About 1/28 of an ounce GRAM
Act as a master of ceremonies EMCEE
Appropriate APT
Become acquainted MEET
Bonnie Blue Butler's daddy RHETT
Calendar unit PAGE
Cantina appetizer TAPA
Chip's chipmunk chum DALE
Choral club GLEE
Church composition MOTET
Cleanse with soap and water LAVE
Decency deficiency GROSSNESS
Displaced person EMIGRE
Doctor's directive INHALE
Door position SHUT
Estate recipient HEIR
Evidence of admission STUB
Explosion sound BANG
Far from everyday RARE
Fashion figure MODEL
Fish-eating raptor ERNE
Former Albanian coin QINTAR
Hopeful singer's tape DEMO
Impolite inspector OGLER
In position SET
Indian princess RANI
Interchange Goodyears ROTATE
Is inaccurate ERRS
It may be fed next to a car METER
Its business is picking up TAXI
Kentucky Derby month MAY
Keyboard key END
Landlord, e.g. LESSOR
Nail-file material EMERY
Nerve impulse transmitter AXON
Offer lessons TEACH
Oil-producers' org. OPEC
Old Scratch DEVIL
On the double, poetically APACE
One end of a battery ANODE
Pack down TAMP
Part of a Cartesian declaration ERGO
Pliny the ___ ELDER
Poetic Muse ERATO
Rabbit's features EARS
Rainbow curves ARCS
Rocky hill TOR
Some catcalls from the stands BOOS
Some dash gauges TACHS
Space race goal MOON
Stabilizing STEADYING
Standing ovation, e.g. ECLAT
Start of a bedtime story ONCE
Stave off AVERT
Support person AIDER
Tech-heavy stock exchange NASDAQ
Tennessee state bloom IRIS
The two in a twenty TENS
Thick vine LIANA
Touch of color TINCT
Type of ad PROMO
Verdi baritone aria ERITU
War whoops YELLS
What a coach driver holds REIN
Wild man of the Himalayas YETI
Without ___ (totally lost) ACLUE
___ fide (authentic) BONA
___ Heel State (North Carolina) TAR
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