How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 12 2011

"Can you believe it?!" UNREAL
"Foiled again!" DRAT
"Last of the Red Hot ___" (Tucker nickname) MAMAS
"The Glass Bead Game" author Hermann HESSE
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
"___ in Boots" PUSS
180-degree maneuver UTURN
Acclaim ECLAT
Applications USES
Bargaining basis COST
Best on a chessboard MATE
Bewildered condition DAZE
Bicolor whale ORCA
Bonny hillside BRAE
Chicken ___ king ALA
Cinches the win ICES
Craggy peak TOR
Cut out, as coupons CLIP
Danger PERIL
Dial type on old phones ROTARY
Discussion topic for feminists MOMMYTRACK
Dueling weapon EPEE
E-mailed SENT
Egg, biologically OVUM
End of a Proust title PERDU
Engraving instrument STYLET
Exude, as confidence OOZE
File abrasive EMERY
Flatware prong TINE
Full-price payer ADULT
Gold digger's benefactor SUGARDADDY
Grocers stock them BAGS
Handcuff MANACLE
High-pitched woodwind OBOE
Iditarod Trail command MUSH
Interim government REGENCY
Intersected MET
Ione of Hollywood SKYE
It's south of Canada USA
Japanese immigrant's child NISEI
Layered cookie treat OREO
Marry in a hurry ELOPE
Mine entryway ADIT
Mix by hand STIR
Musical with "Good Morning Starshine" HAIR
Not forthcoming CAGEY
Nun, to a nun SISTER
On the calmer side, at sea ALEE
Penny-pinching TIGHT
Pertaining to birds AVIAN
Poetic preposition THRO
Points the finger at BLAMES
Prospector's dream MOTHERLODE
Ready to rock EAGER
River sediment SILT
Roof material THATCH
Sailor's assent AYE
Show partisanship SIDE
Simple Roman garment TUNIC
Sinbad's big bird ROC
Small needle purse ETUI
Small watch pocket FOB
Snuffy's boy TATER
Some choir singers ALTOS
Sort of statesman ELDER
Squiggly swimmer EEL
Synagogue leaders RABBIS
Tea-leaves reader SEER
Theatrical smoke source DRYICE
Type of ski lift TBAR
Unlike many a dorm room NEAT
What some bearskins become RUGS
Word shouted at church AMEN
Words before "long way" GOA
Wound's aftermath SCAR
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