How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 11 2009

"Just as I thought!" AHA
"Leave me ___!" ALONE
"Still waters run deep," for example ADAGE
''... man ___ mouse?'' ORA
''Roger, ___ and out'' OVER
''Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'' singers WHAM
''___ Miserables'' LES
1960s Tarzan ELY
A little bit of history ERA
Affirms as true AVOWS
Assist in malfeasance ABET
Bread with ham, often RYE
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Cadiz cry OLE
Campus marching org. ROTC
Cancels a dele STETS
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Causes tearing BLEARS
Cell stuff, briefly RNA
Charged subatomic particle ION
Checklist detail ITEM
Cheerleader's syllable RAH
Cincinnati's nine REDS
Cirque du Soleil entertainer ACROBAT
Clan emblem TOTEM
Cloning material DNA
Clutches HAS
Completely lose patience SNAP
Concert, essentially SOLO
Controversial '60s musical HAIR
Corresponds, in a way WRITES
Cut from the same cloth AKIN
Diving bell attachment HOSE
Dog tail? APSO
Dreamed up IDEATED
Dynamo's antithesis IDLER
Easter event HUNT
Eat like a mouse GNAW
Eclectic assortment OLIO
Essential nutrient IRON
Far from colorful DRAB
Fast horse ARAB
Female zebra MARE
File flap TAB
Finish in the top three PLACE
First manuscript DRAFT
Flulike ailment AGUE
Forgo a night on the town STAYIN
Forklift burden CRATE
Fussy bustle ADO
Gait faster than a walk TROT
Gallery draw ART
Gas unit on the autobahn LITER
Globetrotters' base HARLEM
Govt. medical agency NIH
Grammy winner Keys ALICIA
Gulf war missile SCUD
Gung-ho and then some RABID
Her day is April 22 EARTH
Hither and ___ YON
Humpty Dumpty, e.g. EGG
Impulse URGE
Indirect remark ASIDE
Inverted-V structure AFRAME
Investigation PROBE
Jargon of a particular field LINGO
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g. STE
John of ''Good Times'' AMOS
Joined the fun GOTINTOTHEACT
Landlocked European land SERBIA
Like some vaccines ORAL
Loudness unit BEL
Lowest point NADIR
Machu Picchu builders INCAS
Made a grand entrance? BURSTONTHESCENE
Man with a mission? ABBOT
Mantel pieces TROPHIES
Marathoner's burden HILL
Mideast muck-a-muck AGHA
Midway alternative OHARE
More convenient NEARER
More unusual ODDER
Mother of Calcutta TERESA
Oliver and Jay NORTHS
One who takes too much interest in his work? USURER
Oodles ALOT
Oxidizes RUSTS
Parched SERE
Part of a chain LINK
Patronize a diner EAT
Pentagon personnel BRASS
Phrase of denial NOTI
Picard's counselor TROI
Pigment-deficient animal ALBINO
Pole to extend a sail SPRIT
Porcine replies OINKS
Prepare eggs, in a way SHIRR
Prepare for romance, in a way DIMTHELIGHTS
Prepares (for) SETSTHESTAGE
Prevailed WON
Primitive homes STRAWHUTS
Printing proof REPRO
Prom corsage, often ORCHID
Public persona IMAGE
Refrain from naughtiness BEHAVE
Related to a soft palate projection UVULAR
Resign (with ''down'') STEP
Retailer with a fashion show (with ''Secret'') VICTORIAS
Rustler's rope LASSO
Ruth's mother-in-law NAOMI
Rwanda native HUTU
Shape of many six-sided rooms ELL
Shin bone TIBIA
Silk Road continent ASIA
Smaller amount LESS
Snappy comeback RETORT
Sounded like a new engine PURRED
Spanish fortress PRESIDIO
Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Century ALI
Squealing rooter PIG
Stone size CARAT
Supersecretive government org. NSA
T.S. Eliot's favorite animal? CAT
Take for granted ASSUME
Test format, sometimes ESSAY
The Great and Little Bear, collectively URSAS
The Swedish Nightingale LIND
Thinker Descartes RENE
Tiger sound ROAR
Tire gauge reading (Abbr.) PSI
To be specific NAMELY
Turpentine, e.g. THINNER
TV sleuth Peter GUNN
Tweeter output TREBLE
Two on a music scale REMI
Underwater electricity source EEL
Undulating WAVY
Unsightly bump WART
Urban vermin RAT
Wade opponent ROE
Walk impeded by an injury HOBBLE
Was in charge of RAN
Whale type PILOT
Whale vs. bounty hunter flick ORCA
Winter Palace VIP TSAR
Word in a Bogart film title SIERRA
Writing on the wall OMEN
Yank's Civil War foe REB
___ Mawr, Pa. BRYN
___ out a living (barely making do) EKING
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