How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 09 2016

"A Christmas Carol" role TINYTIMCRATCHIT
"Guys only" party STAG
"Hey, Mac!" PSST
"House of the Long Shadows" actor Christopher LEE
1988 Connery film (with "The") PRESIDIO
Add water HYDRATE
Allergy indication RASH
Apple variety ROME
Backer of Columbus ISABELLA
Banned insecticide DDT
Bartlett's abbr ANON
Bearer of the Golden Fleece ARGO
Become nervous TENSEUP
Becomes more severe, as weather HARSHENS
Betty Ford Clinic specialty REHAB
Blazing AFIRE
Bohemian ARTY
Bug on the road? BEETLE
Calculator key PLUS
Champ who could "sting like a bee" ALI
Clear away condensed moisture DEFOG
Coffee source BEAN
Cylindrical storehouse SILO
Doggie bag morsels ORTS
Dust collector CLOTH
Encourage EGGON
European river ELBE
Forearm bones ULNAE
Fountain pen part NIB
Griffin half LION
Hand part PALM
Highest active volcano of Europe ETNA
Home office cord ETHERNET
Hood's handgun GAT
Indiana cager PACER
Irritation for one in a cast ITCH
It's good for the skin ALOE
Just a bit, if that LITTLEORNOTHING
Kingdom east of Fiji TONGA
Like a Stallone character MACHO
Liniment target ACHE
Mega- follower BYTE
Microphone inventor Berliner EMILE
More willing GAMER
Moves on wheels ROLLS
Olfactory property ODOR
Orchestra's area PIT
Ordinal number ender ETH
Overcook on purpose CHAR
Oxen harness YOKE
Piano teacher's demand AGAIN
Pick-me-up BOOST
Poetry 101 reading ODE
Poi base TARO
Sea anemone, e.g POLYP
Senora's sayonara ADIOS
Serving no purpose OTIOSE
Sharpen HONE
Small brook RILL
Smelting leftovers SLAGS
Sorted laundry accumulations PILES
Spoke the words SAID
Strap for horse control REIN
Style of apparel GARB
TDs are worth six PTS
Thing in the plus column ASSET
Trimmed a pippin PARED
Unattractive citrus fruit UGLI
Verbally ORAL
Where to read RPMs TACH
Worship from ___ AFAR
Young boy LAD
___ fatale FEMME
___ lily (Utah state flower) SEGO
___ one's time BIDE
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