How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 09 2015

"... ___ he drove out of sight" ERE
"Look over here!" PSST
"Safe!" or "out!" CALL
Acorn, essentially SEED
Adjutant AIDE
After peace is declared POSTWAR
Arm bones ULNAE
Author A.A MILNE
Be a contestant VIE
Bullfighters TOREROS
Caribbean music SKA
Church recesses APSES
Common Market abbr., once EEC
Counter in a debate REBUT
Cyma ___ (molding type) RECTA
Danced at Oktoberfest POLKAED
Dazzling display ECLAT
Destiny KISMET
Diamond features FACETS
Does in, in mob slang OFFS
Egg handler just before Easter DYER
Enthusiastic liveliness ELAN
Fall's prelude SLIP
Fire remains ASH
Gives a false alarm CRIESWOLF
Grazing grounds LEA
Greek "T" TAU
Greek eatery TAVERNA
Greek island IOS
Hawaiian gift LEI
Head of a Muslim state (Var.) KALIF
Historians' subjects ERAS
Intelligence org CIA
Involuntary muscle contraction SPASM
It may be golden on a phonograph OLDIE
Lake that feeds the Niagara River ERIE
Lazy poet's above? OER
Like a clumsy lout OAFISH
Locate, as data on a computer ACCESS
Low-pitched DEEP
Menial worker PEON
Messy, as a room UNKEPT
Metric measure of weight TONNE
Mick Jagger and bandmates, briefly STONES
More than drizzles RAINS
Nadir's opposite ACME
Narrowest bottle part NECK
NBA playground ARENA
Necklace trinket CHARM
One cause of inflation? AIR
Opponent FOE
Ottoman VIPs BEYS
Parkinson's drug LDOPA
Part in a play ROLE
Pelvic bones ILIA
Poem of uneven couplets EPODE
Remove bindings UNSTRAP
Satisfy, as demands MEET
Sheer fabric TOILE
Small newt EFT
Some auto repair shop containers OILCANS
Sound hoarse RASP
Square footage measures AREAS
Stocking material NYLON
Stylish CHIC
Subtraction word LESS
The Three Tenors, for example TRIO
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Transmitted SENT
Type of horse SEA
Up to the present YET
Veterinarian's patient PET
Web spot SITE
Weight-room unit REP
When dark comes o'er the land EEN
Yaps foolishly TALKSNONSENSE
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