How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 09 2010

"... ___ the wild blue yonder" INTO
"Clumsy me!" OOPS
"Fear of Flying" author Jong ERICA
"If I ___ hammer ..." HADA
"The Forgotten" novelist Wiesel ELIE
"The Sweetest Taboo" singer SADE
"You've got nothing to worry about!" RELAX
Abbr. in many job titles ASST
Accumulates (with "up") RACKS
Advertising medium NEON
Agitated condition SNIT
Anatomical horn CORNU
Ancient African kingdom NUBIA
Area in front of a hockey goal CREASE
Bad speller? SORCERER
Bighorn bleat BAA
Blood type letters ABO
Brothers and sisters, for short SIBS
Burn with a branding iron SEAR
Certain leg bone TIBIA
Cohesive entity UNIT
Comparatively luxurious FINEASSILK
Coral creation REEF
Crosswise to the ship's middle ABEAM
Dog-___ (marked book pages) EARED
Far from original BANAL
Farsighted one SEER
Four quarters ONE
Game with a 32-card deck SKAT
Goes steady with DATES
Green "pet" CHIA
Hershey's brand REESES
Highest-quality AONE
Historic rival of Florence SIENA
Inception ONSET
It features a series of rounds BOUT
Kind of prize or trap BOOBY
Kitchen gizmo RICER
Kosovo peacekeeping gp. NATO
Lincoln's youngest son TAD
Mammal of Madagascar TENREC
Minnesota's St. ___ College OLAF
Monastery superior ABBOT
Obstacle, to Hamlet RUB
One-time name of the Japanese capital EDO
Ones going head to head? RAMS
Piggybacking on ATOP
Place where reading materials are available (Var.) ATHENEUM
Rough guess STAB
Shrink in increments ERODE
Skewered fare KABOB
Social climber's goal STATUS
Society gatherings TEAS
Software menu for newbies HELP
Sticky pine stuff RESIN
Substance with a low pH ACID
Sweet sucker LOLLIPOP
Takes responsibility for SEESTO
Takes, as revenge EXACTS
They make assertions CLAIMERS
Time for hot cross buns LENT
Toronto daily STAR
Tourist's take-along CAMERA
Trick shot? EFFECT
Type of despot TSAR
Until all hours LATE
Vocalist Horne LENA
Vogue topics STYLES
Voice above a tenor ALTO
White-tailed eagle ERNE
Wimbledon winner Edberg STEFAN
Work organization UNION
WWII maritime marauder UBOAT
Yellowfin and albacore TUNAS
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