How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 06 2006

''Chances ___'' ARE
''Put ___ writing'' ITIN
''That makes sense'' ISEE
Ages upon ages EONS
Baseball Hall of Famer Vaughan ARKY
Before, in poesy ERE
Beseeched PLED
Beyond the pale? ASHEN
Blind or broad attachment SIDED
Breakfast of centurions? OVA
Bridle attachment REIN
Carolers' selections NOELS
Cigarette substances TARS
Classify SORT
Cork and Corfu, for two PORTS
Costa ___ RICA
Cries of aversion UGHS
Crossword puzzle part GRID
Dadaist Max ERNST
Deduce INFER
Did a teacher's job GRADED
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Diva ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
Docs' helpers RNS
Dummkopf MORON
Eases one's anxiety CALMS
Easy mark SAP
Environs AREA
Excessively desirous GREEDY
Fictional ladies' man LOTHARIO
First name among moonwalkers NEIL
First word of a famous song title AULD
Food source MARKET
Ga. Tech grad, perhaps ENGR
Give the boot to OUST
Handicap IMPAIR
Heated argument SETTO
History Muse CLIO
It may be checkered PAST
K-12, scholastically ELHI
Kuwaiti noble EMIR
Laotian's neighbor THAI
Lengthen (with ''to'') ADD
Lenya or Lehmann LOTTE
Like Harvard's walls IVIED
Lowly workers PEONS
Magellan org. NASA
Model airplane kit requirement GLUE
Mountain ridge ARETE
Mythical inferior deity DAEMON
Near, poetically NIGH
Not just UNFAIR
Not the best way to live FROMHANDTOMOUTH
Patty Hearst's kidnap grp. SLA
Peeve RILE
Pipe fittings TEES
Pub missile DART
Quick raid FORAY
Quieted a crying baby HUSHED
Ready for battle ARMEDTOTHETEETH
Revival shouts AMENS
Sad comment ALAS
Shrewd CANNY
Shrews NAGS
Something the picky pick? NIT
Standard USUAL
Sumac souvenir, perhaps ITCH
Thai temples WATS
Tuftlike mass FLOC
Turned on an axis SLUED
View from the Maine coast ATLANTIC
Walk heavily PLOD
What believers may fall on KNEES
Wind instrument REED
Wise, figuratively OWLISH
Yearned ACHED
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