How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 03 2015

"Terrible" czar IVAN
"You've got mail" co AOL
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
Acknowledge the villain's entrance HISS
Amount in grandma's recipe SMIDGEN
Author's last word? END
Batters in Baltimore ORIOLES
Bride's title MRS
Bring together UNITE
Brought up pickled fish? REAREDHERRING
Call to mind CITE
Celebrities' favorite seafood? STARFISH
Charge alternative CASH
Chew the fat TALK
Chip in a pot? ANTE
Collection of sacred songs PSALTER
Comic actor's asset TIMING
Convert into leather TAN
Dogmata TENETS
Dueling sword EPEE
First vertebra ATLAS
For this reason HENCE
Former White House spokesman Fleischer ARI
Franken and Capone ALS
God of love AMOR
Greek woodland deities SATYRS
Guevara grills Kasparov's equipment? CHESEARSBOARD
Haitian's head TETE
Have an opinion DEEM
He broke Ty Cobb's record PETEROSE
He wasn't the dummy of the act BERGEN
Holiday pie ingredient PECAN
Immediately ATONCE
It goes through the roof STACK
It's guaranteed to remove wrinkles IRON
James Bond's depressing drink? DREARYMARTINI
Key West shows? SUNSETS
Leave a solid state? MELT
Like a sneak attack SUDDEN
Like a Stephen King reader, often SCARED
Like many teenagers' rooms MESSY
Loch ___ monster NESS
Make angry IRK
Male bovine STEER
Massachusetts cape ANN
Metabolism type BASAL
Mythical island ATLANTIS
Needing more time on the vine UNRIPE
One of classic TV's Huxtables CLAIR
Organized criminals MOB
Pierce with a knife STAB
Play-___ DOH
Prevent from speaking GAG
Reflex-testing site KNEE
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Second Amendment words BEARARMS
Sister's daughters NIECES
Small biter GNAT
Struggle for air GASP
Stuff one's face EAT
Swarm TEEM
Thaws a freezer DEFROSTS
They turn litmus paper red ACIDS
They're ahead of jrs SRS
Thick-skinned jungle beast RHINO
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Transmit, as a text SEND
Urban organization of song YMCA
Vampires may take them to heart STAKES
What hunting dogs do RETRIEVE
___ Van Dyke DICK
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