How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 22 2011

"___ Only Just Begun" (Carpenters hit) WEVE
'60s Western sitcom "F ___" TROOP
Aerobics-class reminder ACHE
Artificial ERSATZ
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Blind guess STAB
Blows it ERRS
Brief "however" THO
Buenos ___ (Argentina) AIRES
Chaperone ESCORT
Character of a culture ETHOS
Chief Norse god ODIN
Completely wrung out DRIED
Controversial '60s musical HAIR
Cracker Jack feature TOY
Dim-bulbed sort DOLT
Do an entry-level job? GREET
Doesn't raise SEES
Dogged little pest? FLEA
Earthen pot OLLA
Editorial reconsideration STET
Extinguish, as a fire PUTOUT
Fertility goddess ISIS
Former anesthetic ETHER
Frequent title starter THE
Go great guns HIGHTAILIT
Goatlike antelope SAIGA
He fled Sodom LOT
Hockshop receipt PAWNTICKET
In ___ of LIEU
It's in the hold CARGO
Jekyll's other personality HYDE
Kahoolawe or Capri, e.g. ISLE
Leatherworker's tools AWLS
Level of command ECHELON
Like bald tires WORN
Like man's best friend FOURLEGGED
Marsh plant REED
Microbes GERMS
Nailed on a slant TOED
Notched, like a tool SAWTOOTHED
One reason for speech therapy LISP
Physics units ERGS
Plants grass again RESOWS
Pre-calc subject TRIG
Promote aggressively HYPE
Religious faction SECT
Roman sun god SOL
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Setting the pace AHEAD
Siesta NAP
Slight advantage EDGE
Sluggishness TORPOR
Solo for the fat lady? ARIA
Some old dynasts TSARS
Some shades of blue AZURES
Staring at EYEING
Steinbeck emigrant OKIE
Stiff examination? AUTOPSY
Swedish rug RYA
Swelled head cause EGO
The parenthesis in :-) SMILE
Tobacco plug DOTTLE
Toss back and forth BANDY
Tropical souvenir LEI
Turkish high official (Var.) AGHA
Undecided, as a jury HUNG
Vast in scope EPIC
Venus' flytrap feature HINGE
Vocal quality RASP
Well-made product? CRUDE
What a cut might cause SCAR
White-striped kin of 8-Down NYALA
Will's writer DECEDENT
Winter wet stuff SLEET
Young and inexperienced NAIVE
___ nut (wheel fastener) LUG
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