How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 17 2011

"Hey you, c'mere!" PSST
"I'm in" indicator ANTE
43,560 square feet ACRE
Act to impress the audience GRANDSTAND
Adult insect IMAGO
Aiding a golfer, in a way CADDYING
Angel costume accessory HALO
Antibiotic targets BACTERIA
Badgers or bugs NAGS
Bedouin tribesman ARAB
Botanical joint NODE
Breathing spell REST
Certain igneous rock BASALT
Chattering tongues do it WAG
Do some seasonal mall work WRAP
Egg, biologically OVUM
Fanzine focus IDOL
For fear that LEST
Full complement of fingers TEN
Gladiator's fighting place ARENA
Glossy or matte, e.g. PHOTOFINISH
Having everything arranged just so NEAT
In 25 words or fewer, for instance BRIEFLY
Lodging for travelers INN
Loser to Clinton in '96 DOLE
Lowest of the low BASEST
Man of breeding GENT
Meyers or MacFarlane SETH
Molders ROTS
Monarch's loyal subject LIEGE
New kid on the block TYRO
Off-white shade ECRU
Offspring's inheritance GENES
Old Toyota model PASEO
One may be needed after a sports injury SUB
Owl's utterance HOOT
Part of Pimlico BACKSTRETCH
Pkg. delivery outfit UPS
Plundered goods LOOT
Potentially slanderous remark SLUR
Priest's robes ALBS
Proof of surgery, perhaps SCAR
Rock guitarist's accessory AMP
Royal annoyance PAIN
Rx for Parkinson's LDOPA
Singapore's location ASIA
Some library gadgets DATERS
Some Londoners BRITS
Some turkeys TOMS
Song accompanied by an alpenhorn YODEL
Souse LUSH
Stash away money SAVE
Stick firmly ADHERE
Super ending? IOR
Tablecloth fabric LINEN
They come before big days EVES
Three sheets to the wind DRUNK
Threefold TRINE
Tied up BUSY
Tilting ASLANT
Type of cable BASIC
Upside-down frown GRIN
Voting group BLOC
Vow of silence taker MONK
Water carriers PIPES
Watkins Glen, e.g. RACECOURSE
Wave of interest in math? SINE
What push may come to? SHOVE
Word with "driver's" or "booster" SEAT
Word with "well" or "human" BEING
You may precede it, but I can't ARE
Young bird CHICK
Young oyster SPAT
Zenith ACME
___-craftsy ARTSY
___-ski (lodge socializing) APRES
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