How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 11 2018

Alero maker, once, briefly olds
Applique something sew
Arboreally cornered treed
Attractive foxy
Beach bird tern
Bird in the outback emu
Bread type pita
Bring down, as a tree fell
Chimpanzee or orang ape
Clumsy one's remark oops
Condemn, old-style foredoom
Crude floaters rafts
Delicate variation nuance
Desiccate dryup
Driver's undoing? uturn
Economic success boom
Egyptian city cairo
Enjoyed a banquet ate
Event place venue
Far from disorderly neat
Frequently often
Germany's von Bismarck otto
Golden-rule word unto
Group of nine ennead
Halloween option treat
Hands on a ship crew
Hawaiian adornment lei
Heavy horse cart dray
Helm heading alee
Hindquarters rear
Include's reverse omit
Indian social class caste
It can follow "something" else
It eats up the road auto
Jazzy piano piece rag
Kind of restrictive jacket strait
Left on a river? aport
Lethal viper asp
Like a board stiff
Loosen, as a knot undo
Lowe of TV and films rob
Lure into danger entrap
Lustrous material satin
MacDonald's spread farm
Major mixup snafu
Michael Collins' land eire
Moral man? aesop
Muscat's country oman
Mutt relative cur
Not just want need
Novel necessity plot
Old demolition device petard
Paper purchases reams
Quartet X 3 twelve
Received, at the doctor's seen
Reducing program diet
Related by blood akin
Relax after a jog rest
Salacious glare leer
Slightest faintest
Soloist X 2 duo
Soloist X 3 trio
Some domestics maids
Sounds of delight oohs
Time to consume haroset seder
Trig ratio sine
Update, as a factory refit
Voice opposition demur
Went over the books audited
What detectives follow leads
What some wealthy alums do endow
Wishful dreamer yearner
Work it out? (Part 1) hatingexercisei
Work it out? (Part 2) sufferdefeetand
Work it out? (Part 3) runonadreadmill
___ out (barely makes) ekes
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