How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 11 2005

Thompson in ''Junior'' EMMA
''Black Beauty'' author Sewell ANNA
''Critique of Judgment'' author KANT
''Let's not forget ...'' ALSO
''Our ___ Will Come'' DAY
''The Sweetheart of Sigma ___'' CHI
''___ Dinsmore'' ELSIE
''___ Las Vegas'' VIVA
About, formally speaking INRE
Acted properly BEHAVED
Adjured BADE
Ahriman's forte EVIL
Antebellum PREWAR
Bay window ORIEL
Become worn down ERODE
Bird shelter COTE
Blender button PUREE
Boundaries EDGES
Brainstorm aftermaths IDEAS
Bull Run general McDowell IRVIN
Cereal husk BRAN
Certain overalls LEVIS
Cheer heard at the corrida OLE
Chinese philosopher CONFUCIUS
Chows down EATS
Command ORDER
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Cool in a crisis LEVELHEADED
Cord contents WOOD
Covent Garden fare OPERA
Cry from a labor organizer UNITE
Cure baldness? RETREAD
Cut partner PASTE
Depleted USED
Design transfer DECAL
Do basic arithmetic ADD
Docs with scoopers VETS
Donkey drawer Thomas NAST
Echelon TIER
Enough, for some ONCE
Exercising prudent planning FARSIGHTED
Eye membrane RETINA
Farm animal? ANT
Filled to the gills SATED
Flue find SMUT
For or what ending EVER
French river ISERE
Giant of a Giant OTT
Glass maven Lalique RENE
Greek philosopher ARISTOTLE
Greek who introduced the question-and-answer method SOCRATES
Happening EVENT
Has the wherewithal to CAN
Head set? EYES
Herman Wouk's ship CAINE
Indian philosopher, the ''enlightened one'' BUDDHA
Inlet of the Coral Sea PAPUA
Instrumental practice piece ETUDE
Intro for boy or girl ATTA
Irish county in Leinster MEATH
It comes after many moons AGO
It might be ''stuffed'' SHIRT
Jacob's first LEAH
Jeans material DENIM
Job for the board? ERASE
Jockey Arcaro EDDIE
Jokester Johnson ARTE
Kingly address SIRE
Knock off CEASE
Like jalapenos HOT
Literary conflict AGON
Loyalty hymns ANTHEMS
Luggage item VALISE
Maximum NTH
Mediterranean arm AEGEAN
Moist and moldy DANK
Motionless INERT
Muddies, as the water ROILS
Muffet's interloper SPIDER
Naysayers ANTIS
New Testament ruler HEROD
New York theater award OBIE
Nocturnal rodent PACA
Number of Muses NINE
Nutritional regime DIET
Ogle openly LEER
Old English bards SCOPS
Old Norse poetry collection EDDA
On the same level EVEN
One of a fleet CAB
Opera superstar DIVA
Out of fashion PASSE
Outlawed spray ALAR
Owns HAS
Path to success LADDER
Person to check out? CASHIER
Piece of mine? ORE
Pitch for the road crew? TAR
Play in a puddle SLOSH
Pompeiian courts ATRIA
Pre-Socratic philosopher THALES
Prince Charming wannabes TOADS
Puritanical person PRISS
Put on notice WARN
Quiz show sound DING
Raki fruit PLUM
Receptive to new ideas OPENMINDED
Recess game TAG
Recipe quantity, maybe DASH
Risky romance AFFAIR
Salesman's circuit ROUTE
Scroll holders ARKS
Seed coating ARIL
Send off START
Senegalese cape VERDE
Setting for much of ''The English Patient'' SAHARA
Shankar of the sitar RAVI
Shed skin periodically, e.g. MOLT
Sheltered, nautically ALEE
Shorten PARE
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Singer Horne LENA
Social no-no TABOO
Soft-napped leathers SUEDES
Solo's opposite TUTTI
Sound from Sandy ARF
Soup server TUREEN
Spanish-Arab who wrote commentaries on 58-Across AVERROES
Squeezed the juice out of REAMED
Stage whisper ASIDE
Stair part RISER
Steinbeck title word EDEN
Swiss capital BERN
Take off in all directions SCATTER
Take-out order DELE
Title ''Sister'' of an Eastwood film SARA
Title for Pliny ELDER
Tool for an image-maker MEDIA
Trojan War counselor NESTOR
Type of type PICA
Umbrella plant, e.g. SEDGE
Upper-crust word NEE
Uptown cracker-topper BRIE
Uxmal sight RUIN
Welsh working dog CORGI
Wharton's ''Frome'' ETHAN
What some are afraid of DARK
Where people ask to be hit? RENO
With a lot to lose? OBESE
Word with basket or federal CASE
Young mule, e.g. FOAL
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