How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 10 2003

''--- Here to Eternity'' FROM
''A Few Good ---'' MEN
''Critique of Pure Reason'' philosopher KANT
''Dick and Jane'' verb SEE
''Do Ya'' grp. ELO
''Ich bin --- Berliner'' EIN
--- fixe IDEE
Adlai's 1956 running mate ESTES
Affable NICE
African antelope GNU
Al Capp's Hawkins SADIE
Bakers get a rise out of this YEAST
Ballerinas get a rise out of this BARRE
Beer barrels KEGS
Being, to Nero ESSE
Blusters bombastically RANTS
Bridle straps REINS
Canals between Huron and Superior SOO
Certain Woodpecker SAPSUCKER
Cheapest way to buy BULK
Cherish highly ADORE
Chief Norse god ODIN
Chimed RANG
Cons partners PROS
Dental procedure ROOTCANAL
Diabolic type FIEND
Dicker over price HAGGLE
Double-curved molding OGEE
Entranced RAPT
Equine restraints TETHERS
Face shape OVAL
Filly's father SIRE
Film segment CLIP
Give the okay ASSENT
Gives safety information WARNS
Hanover housewife FRAU
Hospital ward UNIT
Hot under the collar IRATE
In a state of abeyance ONICE
Indian princess RANI
It's rarely served? STEAK
Items in the fire IRONS
Jolly Roger and Union Jack, e.g. FLAGS
Jury member PEER
Marquis portrayed in ''Quills'' SADE
Medicinal plant ALOE
Month after Shebat ADAR
Neck of the woods AREA
Needle point? WEST
New Guinea neighbor PAPUA
New Jersey capital TRENTON
Nonchalant CASUAL
Nursing assistant AIDE
Occupying an ottoman SEATED
Olfactory clue SMELL
Peter Pan pirate SMEE
Poet Teasdale SARA
Pompeii destroyer LAVA
Pungent cheese LIMBURGER
Railroad artery, e.g. TRUNKLINE
Root vegetable TUBER
Rosary items BEADS
Site of two Confederate victories BULLRUN
Slangy refusal NOPE
Soprano's showstopper ARIA
Soup pods OKRAS
Spill the beans TELL
Stag attendee MALE
Strongholds FORTS
Suitor BEAU
Swamplands FENS
Tarzan's swinging kid BOY
Theater hall ODEON
Thin, flat, unleavened cake OATCAKE
Tristan's beloved ISOLDE
Wimple wearers NUNS
Word with sugar or candy CANE
Zen Buddhism state SATORI
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