How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 09 2019

"A mouse!!" eek
"KOD" rapper jcole
"Lemonade" singer beyonce
"Wonder Woman" or "Aquaman" film
"___ port in a storm" any
1900-present, in baseball modernera
A human is a great one ape
Allows lets
Angel's cap? halo
Approves oks
At the summit of atop
Browser division tab
Cartoonist Edward sorel
Catchall survey answer other
Cheerios ingredients oats
Cherry discard stem
Choose for office elect
Close pals, for short bffs
Cocktail recipe direction stir
Colleague peer
Contest participant entrant
Crackle and Pop's partner snap
Demi of "G.I. Jane" moore
Easiest putt tapin
Enthusiast fiend
Former reality star/political aide omarosa
Great Plains tribe otoe
Habanero, e.g pepper
Highest draft status onea
Highway patrol figure trooper
In the same ___ vein
Inapt anagram of "antagonist" notagainst
Inapt anagram of "commendations" aimstocondemn
Inapt anagram of "evangelist" evilsagent
Inapt anagram of "protectionism" nicetoimports
Indo-___ people aryan
It covers the field tarp
Knife's companion fork
Leather boot brand frye
Lemon, for one fruit
Lester Holt employer nbc
Make a wrong turn err
Make things right atone
Makes a decision opts
Marina del ___, California rey
Messed around goofedoff
Michelangelo masterpiece pieta
Mischievous sprite gremlin
Mister, in Monterrey senor
Nail board emery
Ones to keep up with joneses
Ooze seep
Part on stage role
Place for relaxing and waxing spa
Pundit's column, briefly oped
Raggedy doll ann
Regret rue
Rower's propeller oar
Series of wins hotstreak
Singer LuPone patti
Singing cowboy Gene autry
Snobs put them on airs
Talks up touts
Tantrums fits
The "P" of USPS postal
Types of people ilks
U.K. flying aces' org raf
Uncles' wives aunts
Vowel-heavy Great Lake erie
What the sun did yesterday shone
What's thrown after a dumping? pityparty
Zest source rind
___ in the grass snake
___ log (Christmas cake) yule
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