How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 09 2009

''... and to ___ good night!'' ALLA
''For example ...'' SUCHAS
''What's ___ like?'' NOTTO
''___ a Grecian Urn'' (Keats) ODEON
Abundant AMPLE
Acts as a quizmaster ASKS
Aitchbone locale RUMP
Anoint with oil ANELE
Assume the role of ACTAS
Atlas and others HEMEN
Aunt Polly's nephew TOM
Award since 1949 EMMY
Bare the bottom MOON
Bat the breeze CHAT
Board accompaniment ROOM
Boating couple OARS
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Canonized femme, for short STE
Card game authority Edmond HOYLE
Carpenter who sang KAREN
Chair carried on poles SEDAN
Conference beginning TELE
Coup ___ DETAT
Cyberspace initials AOL
Foe of 007 DRNO
Ford fiascos EDSELS
Forever, or close to it EON
Gangs protect it TURF
Glittered SHONE
Greek lover boy? EROS
Have the attention of ENGAGE
Howe'er THO
Ignominy SHAME
Irish patriot Robert EMMET
Italian painter Reni GUIDO
Joint in the hind leg of a horse HOCK
Letter after iota KAPPA
London hoosegow GAOL
McDonald's part-timer, often TEEN
Move unsteadily TOTTER
Nothing special SOSO
Nuclear Niels BOHR
Org. that lobbies for lawyers ABA
Outfits TOGS
Pad site, perhaps KNEE
Pedal problem HAMMERTOE
Peter or Annette OTOOLE
Precision marchers DRILLTEAM
Prefix with ''physics'' ASTRO
Put on the register ENROLL
Remove from a position OUST
Reversible name OTTO
Reversion of property to the state ESCHEAT
Roasted snacks CASHEWS
Set things right ATONE
Sharp-sighted GIMLETEYED
Some mantel pieces EWERS
Story line PLOT
Stupendous STELLAR
Sweetshop order SHAKE
The sum of all parts TOTAL
Tolstoy heroine ANNA
Undergo ecdysis SHED
Use a VCR, in a way TAPERECORD
Vacuum tube gas ARGON
Verve ELAN
Viet ___ CONG
Walk like a tosspot REEL
Wax-wrapped cheese EDAM
What a dirty person draws BATH
What some lips may be SEALED
Where the Golden Spike was driven UTAH
Word for a statesman ELDER
Wrap around ENFOLD
XXX drinks ALES
___ d'amore (baroque instrument) OBOE
___-Japanese War (1894-95) SINO
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