How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 07 2004

"Crazy" singer CLINE
"It's only ___!" AGAME
"Jurassic Park" menace, briefly TREX
"Rush Hour" star CHAN
"Waterworld" star COSTNER
"___ in Calico" AGAL
Act the demagogue RANT
Action film sequence CHASE
Amazes AWES
Army repast MESS
Back street prowler ALLEYCAT
Blubbers CRIES
British nobleman EARL
Cautionary beginning? PRE
China problem CHIP
Clinton opponent DOLE
Cockpit abbr. ALT
Compared to THAN
Contents of Santa's mail LISTS
Delete ERASE
Did a shepherd's garden chore? TENDEDPHLOX
Em, to Dorothy AUNT
Emeril, for one CHEF
Fabled napper HARE
Flat fees? RENTS
Garden party? EVE
Going around in circles LOST
Guard's shout HALT
Handymen DOALLS
Impart knowledge to APPRISE
Important closing documents DEEDS
It's on the watch STEM
Kind of lamp LAVA
Less good looking? REDUCEDPHAT
Light property HUE
Like a whip? SMART
Like the Mississippi MIGHTY
Lovers of all things 10? THEXPHILES
Low-lying areas DALES
Misbehave ACTUP
Monkey suit, briefly TUX
Needle point? WEST
Nefarious EVIL
Office fasteners STAPLES
Oil source SHALE
One-time Howard Hughes airline TWA
Opera star Marilyn HORNE
Peer at a page READ
Place for a pig POKE
Place for the tense EDGE
Ponch portrayer ERIK
Promoted boastfully TOUTED
Retail grouping LINE
Rigatoni, e.g. PASTA
Ring studded with diamonds PAVE
Rock of comedy CHRIS
San ___ (Riviera resort) REMO
See eye to eye AGREE
Selected sigh of relief? CHOSENPHEW
Sharpen, as a razor HONE
Skelton persona HOBO
Spare, e.g. TIRE
Sportscaster's avoidances CLICHES
Tailor's task HEM
Term paper abbr. IBID
The far left on the highway FASTLANE
Their sole purpose is to have a ball TEES
They may get splints SHINS
Trodden track PATH
TV's Mrs. Bunker EDITH
Urgent DIRE
Venezuelan export OIL
What questions do ARISE
Woods with woods TIGER
Word that always brings a smile? CHEESE
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