How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 04 2010

"... and baby makes ___" THREE
"Blame It On ___" (Caine film) RIO
"Cómo ___ usted?" ESTA
"Doctor, My Eyes" singer Jackson BROWNE
"I ___ debt of gratitude to ..." OWEA
"Skeptic" or "cynic" follower ISM
"The Hobbit" character BILBO
"___ for apple" AIS
500 sheets of paper REAM
Academic period TERM
Acquire, as expenses INCUR
Alternative to digital ANALOG
An evening party SOIREE
Attire for manual workers? BLUECOLLARS
Banned insecticide (Abbr.) DDT
Barely manage (with "out") EKE
Batting order at Fenway Park, e.g. LINEUP
Befitting APT
Big Apple inst. NYU
Black-eyed edible PEA
Blob of used gum WAD
Buenos ___, Argentina AIRES
Carpentry groove RABBET
Cause wrinkles RUMPLE
Citizen's army MILITIA
Clairvoyance initials ESP
Closing scenes FINALES
Common person PLEB
Crystal-ball consulter SEER
Designating K-12 ELHI
Different from UNLIKE
Dot on an ocean map ISLE
Downhill ski race SLALOM
Editing implements BLUEPENCILS
Electrified swimmers EELS
Fielding boo-boos ERRORS
Finger or toe DIGIT
Food connoisseur EPICURE
Get one's dander up RILE
Having lots of land ACRED
If all goes right ATBEST
Jack Dempsey, aka the Manassa ___ MAULER
Jewish month before Nisan ADAR
Karate acquisitions BELTS
King of classical tragedy OEDIPUS
Lingerie purchase BRA
Linking verb COPULA
Low walls PARAPETS
Madmen, in Mexico LOCOS
Nightingale or Barton NURSE
Off-limits TABOO
One placing auction bids NODDER
One whose property is claimed, legally LIENEE
Ragged mountain ridge ARETE
Rich pastry TORTE
Sacred wading bird of the pharaohs IBIS
Scottish property owner LAIRD
Semicircular part of a church APSE
Shaped into orbs BALLEDUP
Shooting marble AGATE
Some county fair awards BLUERIBBONS
Surrender formally CEDE
Swellhead's problem EGO
Team stat LOSSES
Tolerances LEEWAYS
Trader's word SELL
Traveled like a tennis lob ARCED
Tree-trunk growths MOSSES
Turn toward FACE
Type of sculpture (Var.) RELIEVO
Unable to react, as helium INERT
Well-founded VALID
What Eve was created from RIB
___ Diego, Calif. SAN
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