How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 03 2018

"Where are you?" response inhere
A psychic may sense it aura
ABBA's "___ Mia" mamma
Actress Downey roma
Antelope variety kudu
Any compass point rhumb
Balance giver atm
Biased viewpoint slant
Big wheel on water helm
Bit of sugar lump
Bunched in with amid
Chess word mate
Colored eye part uvea
Dad's comfy chair site den
Depict unfairly skew
Descendant or heir scion
Diva Horne lena
Donkey's bellow bray
Dr. Frankenstein's go-fer igor
Draw with a laser etch
Explosive Italian landmark etna
Family circle member niece
Faris and Kendrick annas
Flora partner fauna
Full of mischief impish
Gentle-cycle garments knits
Help provider assister
Her first name is from "The Great Gatsby" sigourneyweaver
Holiday numbers noels
Illiana Lydia Petrovna Mironova, now damehelenmirren
Indian royal raja
Keogh kin ira
Leer at suggestively ogle
Like some prices retail
Love-at-first-sight features sparks
Make fun of mock
Makes a sheepshank ties
Mideast chief (var.) sheik
Minute land mass isle
More impatient antsier
Mu ___ pork shu
Nine inches span
Non-jingling change ones
Not showing much life inert
Not working off
Ocean mammal whale
Olympus ___ (Mars feature) mons
Oscar-winning Thompson emma
Person with lots of wind? ranter
Provoke irk
Ranks of nobility earldoms
Restaurant "room" mens
Right hands aides
Role for Chaplin tramp
School mtg. holder pta
Scottish no nae
She played a waitress at least four times jenniferaniston
Smiles of conceit smirks
Snakelike fishes eels
Soaked but good wet
Sri ___ lanka
State of India assam
Stuffing herb sage
Take ___ (vacation) atrip
Totally silly inane
Trashcan on a desktop icon
TV's Couric katie
Type of colony penal
Type of money or chair easy
Unknown auth anon
Where the thrilled walk onair
Winter spirits toddies
Word with "1,001" uses
Word with "head" or "heart" ache
Yang go-with yin
___ good example seta
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