How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 02 2019

"Atlas Shrugged" author Rand ayn
"Cosmos" author Carl sagan
"Frozen" snow queen elsa
"Gladiator" star Russell crowe
"Just as I suspected!" aha
"Mazel ___!" tov
"Not news to me" imaware
"This is your only chance!" nowornever
20 dispensers, briefly atms
Airplane wing warning nostep
Baseball great Satchel paige
Big-eared equine ass
Blue ___ (Capri sea cave) grotto
Boathouse stick oar
Boxing great Pacquiao manny
Bruce Banner portrayer bana
Brush with the law runin
Cancellation cost fee
Chicken ___ king ala
Collection agent? garbageman
Cornfield call caw
Dark blue shade indigo
Dart like a butterfly flit
December ditty carol
Don Juan sort roue
Dorito or Pringle chip
Double agent? stuntperson
Drink infused in Chinese culture tea
Field agent? wheatfarmer
Fire station figure marshal
Fully prepared set
Gads about roams
Helicopter part rotor
Ill will spite
Impress greatly awe
Includes on an email ccs
Indisputable statement fact
Law firm visitors clients
Lessen in intensity letup
Like some expensive produce organic
Long, long time: Var aeon
Marriott competitor omni
Martial ___ (judo, etc.) arts
Media mogul with a noted book club oprah
Mil. base truants awols
Mineral sources ores
Morning drops dew
Nina sister ship pinta
Northern sky sight aurora
Of financial matters fiscal
Org. for pugilists wba
Past the expiration date bad
Patronize Airbnb rent
Pink Lady alcohol gin
Poetic homage ode
Radiant look glow
Rolex rival omega
Seamless transition segue
Seedy stopover rattrap
Skin care giant biore
Skype annoyance lag
Sleep study subject apnea
Smart-alecky pert
Soccer blunder owngoal
Spanish year ano
Spongy ball brand nerf
Stats for cleanup hitters rbis
Streets: Abbr rds
Three, in Tuscany tre
Ticket agent? trafficcop
Toothed tool saw
Two-ingredient seasoning garlicsalt
Understood by few arcane
Van Gogh city arles
Waste time dally
Whiskey variety rye
Wide awake alert
___ and haw hem
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