How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 30 2016

"And ___ There Were None" THEN
"I do," is a common one VOW
"Mayday! Mayday!" SOS
"Take this" HERE
"The Untouchables" leader Eliot NESS
"___ death do us ..." TIL
Acquired GOT
Allied nations BLOC
An hour of sleep, e.g NAP
Ax that rocks GUITAR
Black-and-white sea bird AUK
Boat landing place PIER
Bullets on a poker table ACES
Capable of giving one the creeps EERIE
Catchall abbr. for omitted items ETC
Changes one's selection UNPICKS
Chapeau HAT
Cooking tool PAN
Cut that gushes GASH
Do-others link UNTO
Eagles along a coastline ERNS
Elemental variant ISOTOPE
Ending of some websites ORG
Explosive stuff TNT
Failed firecracker DUD
Far from busy IDLE
Fire truck equipment HOSES
Former Spanish currency PESETA
Fruity rumor mills? GRAPEVINES
Game one of any series OPENER
Golfing legend Ed SNEED
Grassy plain with few trees LLANO
Great Lakes city ERIE
Happen OCCUR
Harmless little pranks LARKS
Heavily trafficked German river RHEIN
Hippie's adversary (with "the" MAN
How to save money on dining EATIN
Hydrox competitor OREO
It can get you past a deadbolt KEY
Jacob's father-in-law LABAN
Like much of April RAINY
Like some ripe apples RED
Made like a majestic eagle SOARED
Meeting that people hope gets spiritual? SEANCE
Misfortunes WOES
Money in Japan YEN
More than slightly irritated ANNOYED
Multiple guiding beliefs ETHOSES
Paints used by the masters OILS
Places of excessive public attention LIMELIGHTS
Point the finger at BLAME
Quick pool excursion DIP
Regulated, healthy routine REGIMEN
Roofing tile SHINGLE
Shall not, older than old-school SHANT
Situation for a tie? NOWIN
Small kitchen sets DINETTES
Some breads or whiskeys RYES
Some cocktail garnishes ORANGEPEELS
Some fruit providers CHERRYTREES
Some paving stones SETTS
Some workers make a dash for it CAR
Sound of a generic cheer RAH
Spy org. in Virginia CIA
Stout's sleuth WOLFE
Thing between levels STEP
Took down a peg ABASED
Trios times three NONETS
Wear down ERODE
What one needs to give, to yield WAY
Where many of the elderly are young ATHEART
Winning-everything link ISNT
Work a jimmy PRY
Your brother's boy NEPHEW
Your take or mine OPINION
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