How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 28 2013

"Anna and the King of ___" SIAM
"It's all coming back to me now" AHYES
"Man ___ Mancha" OFLA
"No ifs, ands or ___!" BUTS
"See what ___, jelly bean?" IMEAN
"That's disgusting!" (var.) EEW
"Young Frankenstein" actress TERIGARR
"___ Death" (Grieg composition) ASES
007, for one SPY
Arctic or Indian, e.g OCEAN
Backed away from the shore EBBED
Ballet bend PLIE
Banana part PEEL
Bancroft and Archer ANNES
Big name in hotels RITZ
Buck Rogers portrayer Gerard GIL
Burn with steam SCALD
Cage's "Leaving Las Vegas" co-star SHUE
Certain fuel source OILSHALE
Chess conclusions ENDGAMES
Colombian city CALI
Companion of gloom DOOM
Constrictor snake BOA
Cravings YENS
Cry of pain YIPE
DEA agent NARC
Director of four films hidden in this puzzle ALFREDHITCHCOCK
Dodge City marshal EARP
Downhill ski run PISTE
Emulated Lady Godiva, say RODE
Gin fizz flavor SLOE
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Govt. medical agency NIH
Gravy thickener ROUX
Han of "Star Wars" SOLO
He sank with the Scharnhorst SPEE
Hershiser of pitching fame OREL
High schooler, usually TEEN
Host at a roast EMCEE
Hysteria FRENZY
International treaty PACT
It's at the back of the house REARWINDOW
Knockdown follower COUNT
Lady of Spain DONA
Make ___ for it (flee) ARUN
Martin of "The West Wing" SHEEN
Mountain ___ (brand of soda) DEW
Musical wrap-ups CODAS
Nervous ANTSY
Nez ___ War of 1877 PERCE
Nightclub in a Manilow tune COPA
Nosegay POSY
Nut case PSYCHO
Oater drinking holes SALOONS
Old Dead Sea kingdom EDOM
Outer edge RIM
Paul Newman title role HUD
Pepsi bottle topper SCREWCAP
Pleasant NICE
Possessed OWNED
Put on the feedbag CHOWDOWN
Racing boats SCULLS
Red Planet MARS
Rice-growing area PADDY
River inlet RIA
Sank into the sofa SAT
Served well ACED
Space rock ASTEROID
Stir together MIX
Tennis or badminton, e.g SPORT
Type of restaurant SEAFOOD
Vivacity BRIO
What George couldn't tell ALIE
Words after woe ISME
___ Army (golfer Palmer's fans) ARNIES
___ Fifth Avenue SAKS
___ Plata (Montana motto) OROY
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