How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 28 2004

"C'___ la vie" EST
"Cape Fear" actor NOLTE
"No sweat!" YOUBETICAN
"Oh, my!" EGAD
"The Glass Bead Game" author HESSE
Abate EASE
Admonish WARN
American food staple CORN
Arachnid appropriate prefix OCTO
Article written by Rousseau LES
Assay specimen ORE
Atop, in poesy OER
Belief CREDO
Big basins VATS
Biographical beginning AUTO
Central thrust MAINIDEA
Coal car TRAM
Coarse particles GRIT
Dander IRE
Dash cache GLOVEBOX
Delhi dress SARI
English county ESSEX
Enterprise healer MCCOY
Enveloping qualities AURAE
ER workers DRS
Eve's follower MORN
Farm young'uns FOALS
Faster's opposite? EATER
Fields role RAE
Fish organ GILL
Football variety ARENA
Hamlet's cousin TOWN
Hanging tapestry ARRAS
Imaginary string around the finger MENTALNOTE
Impeccable service ACE
Is not supporting STARS
It's pounded for attention GAVEL
Lab eggs OVA
Latin 101 word AMO
Like the Gobi ARID
Marble AGGIE
Nasty brute OGRE
OK Corral locale TOMBSTONE
One way to look ALIVE
Op ___ (footnote abbr.) CIT
Over with PAST
Pentagon worry ENEMY
Pipe problem CLOG
Played first LED
Positive message YES
Pro or con, e.g. SIDE
Process for determining age CARBONDATING
Public decree EDICT
Pumpkin's place PATCH
Risking one's neck GOINGOUTONALIMB
Salver TRAY
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Scarcely detectable amounts IOTAS
Shining as from within AGLOW
Short way RTE
Shrimpers' needs NETS
Significant others? ALTEREGOS
Simmer STEW
Some are tops TOYS
Sound from one faking boredom SNORE
South Beach diet no-nos CARBS
Spot in the mer ILE
Sturdy fastener RIVET
Tape deck button REC
Teacher's org. NEA
Two-to-one, e.g. RATIO
Verbalize SAY
Voluminous do AFRO
Wing it ADLIB
Word with split and rear ENDS
Word with tag or double TEAM
___ noire BETE
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