How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 25 2018

"Scoot, fly!" shoo
"Whatever ___ Wants" (song) lola
"___ tear has to fall" manya
12/25 celebration thebirthofjesus
12/25 fun openingpresents
12/25 wishes to all happinessandjoy
Actor Lithgow john
Angel's topper halo
Atmospheric probe sonde
Base lullaby taps
Become a Marine enlist
Black-eyed thing pea
Break-in deterrent alarm
Breakfast and brunch, e.g meals
Cat lives number nine
Chef's fixture oven
Colored eye part uvea
Columbus' home genoa
Connecting strips of land isthmi
Consume mightily eatup
Cut in glass etch
Designate allot
Detectives' clues leads
Dexterity ease
Dinghy pusher oar
Drifts on air wafts
Escape flee
European car maker opel
Eyelid inflammation stye
Fellows or guys hes
Feminine pronoun she
Flower parts sepals
Focus of study area
Fool idiot
Gets sum work done? adds
Guinness' apt suffix est
High crime treason
High-caliber aone
His partner hers
Id's complement ego
It gets dark night
Judge the value of assess
Kennel noises yaps
Kind of wire trip
Loan guarantor surety
Mediocre soso
Melon Fusion and Candy Cane jellos
Not in the Pacific wind alee
Olympian in a sled luger
Org. approving medicines fda
Overnight spot hostel
Pacific retreat fiji
Plains home, once tepee
Plug tout
Porky Pig, for one toon
Prefix with "morph" endo
Prince, traditionally heir
Reacts to pain winces
Refine metal, in a way smelt
Return on Southwest flyhome
Roman deity juno
Sailors' temptress of myth lorelei
Sandbank in water shoal
Security for a debt lien
Six-footers on hills ants
Snail kin slug
Swings for the fences bats
Thailand bills bahts
Trig function arcsine
True-to-life real
Turner and Koppel teds
Type of congestion nasal
Wager bet
Word with ZIP code
Writer Henry David thoreau
Yields to oxidation rusts
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