How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 24 2018

"Little Women" girl beth
"Oh woe!" alas
198 inches rod
76er's rival net
Admiral type rear
Ancient Israeli port city jaffa
Archaeological find tomb
Auto-racing site speedway
Beach stuff sand
Better a poker bet raise
Big toe woe gout
Bub relative fella
Burn with intent char
Busted, as a joint? raided
Chair seat
Class of '97 member alum
Country road lane
Cut down, as a tree axed
Cynical jaded
Defect flaw
Destructive precipitation acidrain
Director Spike lee
Discharge emit
Does drywall muds
Eagle's claw talon
Eclectic collection olio
Elbows' homes arms
Endangered wildcat tiger
Estrange alienate
Fisherman's basket creel
Geometry findings areas
Goat's milk cheese feta
Having wings alar
Join up with meet
June 1944 event dday
Light sprays mists
Like a wrapped candle unlit
Makes infertile spays
Martini throw-in olive
Mob family mafia
Monkey variety titi
Most clean neatest
NBC overseer fcc
Office orderer boss
Old autocratic Russian rule tsarism
One-third of a three-step cha
Ospreys' kin erns
Paler than pale ashy
Pig's home sty
Place to slide a mouse pad
Pond fish carp
Put in neutral idle
Reject deny
Reverberated again reechoed
Romance or comedy, e.g genre
Rung's church members? ladderdaysaints
Rung's span? lifeladderdeath
Salad garnish cress
Sheep-ish ovine
Snakelike fishes eels
The devil satan
Thing leading to a patent idea
Title name
Treeless expanse steppe
Turkish VIP aga
TV's Musberger brent
Veranda in Hawaii lanai
Walk of Fame symbol star
What a bad rung can cause? ladderinfection
Wheel turners axles
Word with "tube" inner
Work over, as text edit
Yang complement yin
Yard parts feet
___-gin fizz sloe
____ mode ala
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