How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 24 2009

"And another thing ..." ALSO
"Avast!" responder SWAB
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant OKIE
"With this ring, I ___ ..." THEE
Abalone product NACRE
Abandons bachelorhood WEDS
Abe's birthday month FEB
Accordion fold PLEAT
Addition figures SUMS
Affliction ILLNESS
Anti-smoking org. AMA
Atoll component ISLE
Auditory canal locale EAR
Baby wipes additive ALOE
Balance sheet listing ASSET
Barista's container URN
Be heartsick ACHE
Behind bars CAGED
Boggy earth MIRE
Boundless VAST
Calorie counters, hopefully REDUCERS
Change for a hundred, perhaps TENS
Cholesterol, e.g. LIPID
Class requiring goggles SHOP
Classic ghost story ACHRISTMASCAROL
Conceals a present GIFTWRAPS
Cote chorus BAAS
Deeply felt VISCERAL
Diminish in intensity ABATE
Drums' edges RIMS
Early invention WHEEL
Extraordinary shoe width EEE
Food fight sound effects SPLATS
Grammy winner Lovett LYLE
Hindu teacher SWAMI
In ___ (owing money) DEBT
Indian bread NAAN
Like Rushdie's "Verses" SATANIC
Like some cheeks or futures ROSY
Liturgical song MOTET
Love, hate, fear, etc. EMOTIONS
Mediterranean boot? ITALY
Mozart's "L'___ del Cairo" OCA
Not permissible UNACCEPTABLE
Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary YARROW
Price list word EACH
Provides with a crew MANS
Ragout of roasted game SALMI
Root used in perfumery ORRIS
Seasonal position MALLSANTA
Ship's front PROW
Some beauty marks MOLES
Some pinball targets RAMPS
Some spare tires, essentially FAT
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Speedometer part NEEDLE
Superior to ATOP
The "C" in C.S. Lewis CLIVE
They make a bloom blossom? ESSES
They may be scattered ASHES
Treat like a pariah SHUN
Truck stopper BRAKE
Unweaned deer FAWN
Use the overhead compartment STOW
Uses a tuffet SITS
Vatican attraction BASILICA
Way to keep the keel? EVEN
Whirlpool whereabouts SPA
Without compassion ICILY
Worry obsessively STEW
Worshipper's "So be it!" AMEN
You'll have a blast with it TNT
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