How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 23 2009

"American ___" IDOL
"Blade II" actor Kristofferson KRIS
"Cheers" accountant NORM
"Desperate Housewives" role BREE
"Friends, Romans, countrymen ..." orator ANTONY
"Full steam ___!" AHEAD
"Home" or "bed" add-on STEAD
"Out of my way!" indicator TOOT
"Sure, why not?" LETS
33 1/3 or 45, e.g. RPM
A bit wet DAMP
Able to see right through ONTO
Absurd INANE
Action or drama, e.g. GENRE
Acts like a wolf OGLES
Anatomical furrow STRIA
Anglo-Saxon drudge ESNE
Baby-sitters' banes IMPS
Basketball great Monroe EARL
Being, to Claudius ESSE
Big name in denim LEVI
Bio class letters RNA
Bluto's dream girl OLIVE
Budding prospect? SEED
By means of PER
Cathedral feature APSE
Certain Balkan SERB
Certain discriminator AGIST
Clothing store bargains (Abbr.) IRRS
Colorful marine fish OPAH
Conductors' platforms (Var.) PODIA
Congregational cries AMENS
Cry from an alley MEW
Dental floss material NYLON
Deviating from course YAWING
Door hardware HINGE
Durable resin ALKYD
Fiddling Roman tyrant NERO
Film in the AFI Top 10 Epics list GONEWITHTHEWIND
Flat rates? RENTS
He played WJM's Grant ASNER
It might be under a slipcover SOFA
It will kill the bill VETO
Kind of basin or wave TIDAL
Kind of change LOOSE
Large bay window ORIEL
Less healthy looking PALER
Lousy eggs? NITS
Mercedes-___ BENZ
Mushroom cloud maker, briefly ABOMB
Potential problem-solver IDEA
Present-day Persia IRAN
Princes, abroad (Var.) AMIRS
Printing press gizmo INKER
Raised, as with yeast LEAVENED
Ristorante beverage VINO
Rubik's hexahedron CUBE
Russian hunting dog BORZOI
Sacred Egyptian cross ANKH
Sharp insight ACUMEN
Sheet of matted cotton BATT
Sitting atop UPON
Soggy, unappetizing food GLOP
Some Middle Easterners ARABS
Start the bidding OPEN
Succumbed to stage fright FROZE
Tale on an epic scale SAGA
Utah national park ZION
Wait to be found, in a game HIDE
Watered silk fabric MOIRE
Wealthy Londoners NOBS
You might get one for your car LOAN
___ Scotia NOVA
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