How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 22 2017

"... ___ Caesar ..." unto
"Sight" or 33-Down ender seer
"Your turn," on a CB over
Answer a help-wanted ad apply
Any Damascene syrian
Baseball org. formed in 1901 americanleague
Believable plausible
Blessed bread holder paten
Camp shelter tent
Campbell of "Scream" neve
Circle fragments arcs
Conductor's speeds tempi
Diva's song aria
Draw a comparison, in a way analogize
Drive-in's drink malt
Dryer materials lints
Early jazz form rebop
Emollient ingredient aloe
Emulate Columbus sail
Europe's highest volcano etna
Exact copy clone
Exxon competitor amoco
Fall guy patsy
Female urchin gamine
Finn with reindeer lapp
Firing range necessity ammo
Fragrant wood cedar
German war camp stalag
Gloom partner doom
Golden Horde member tatar
Great musician born 8/4/1901 louisarmstrong
Guinness of movies alec
Hair-removal brand nair
Hero creator deli
Hollywood statues oscars
Imply getat
Indiana hoopsters pacers
Kevin of "A Fish Called Wanda" kline
Kindergarten art supply paste
Knight time yore
Large lemur indri
List heading todo
Long-lasting wave perm
Mag add-on? azine
Magician's word presto
Mode of entry door
Module unit
Needle parts eyes
Nickel-and-___ (cheap one) dimer
Orchestras tune to it oboe
Part of a parrot's beak cere
Plains dwelling (var.) teepee
President who died 9/14/1901 williammckinley
Product of stress ulcer
Profess as true aver
Prolonged attack siege
Relish and how adore
Semitransparent gemstone opal
Sit-down occasion meal
Site for a scene set
Specks in the sea islets
Standout standing aone
Stare slack-jawed gawp
Tabby cat
Tuscan city siena
Type of anesthesia local
Typical Kuwaiti arab
Violent overthrows coups
Wander rove
Wear away erode
Whale of an attraction orca
Whole bunch scad
Words with "snuff" upto
___ gin fizz sloe
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