How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 22 2004

"... but is it ___?" ART
"Amazin"' team METS
"Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure" (1989) TEDS
"Can I get a word in?" AHEM
"The Ballet Class" painter DEGAS
Accepted without complaining TOOK
American frontiersman BOONE
American poet Lizette REESE
Angelic circle HALO
Appearance MIEN
Apportion METE
Arctic tern's nesting area? TIPOFTHEICEBERG
Big top TENT
Bisection HALF
Blazing AFIRE
Borscht server LADLE
Brief quarrel SPAT
Broccoli bud FLORET
Brook sound PURL
Brother of Moses AARON
Cargo measures TONS
Cherrystone, e.g. CLAM
Cinema feature SNACKBAR
Club in Yankee Stadium BAT
Companion of Kukla OLLIE
Court call that sounds permissive LET
Covered a wall, in a way PAPERED
Cultural values ETHOS
Eagle + 2 PAR
Eat cake on your diet CHEAT
Female lobster HEN
Folded dish OMELETTE
Grace under pressure POISE
Hammarskjold of the United Nations DAG
Harvests REAPS
Hawke in "Dead Poets Society" ETHAN
Hay measure BALE
Heche in "Psycho" ANNE
Hydrotherapy facility SPA
Incredible feat involving a hole ACE
Inviting sign ENTER
It may be rounded up HERD
It may be underfoot INSOLE
Kicks the bucket CROAKS
Land ruled by King Guzzle MOO
Long or now antecedent ERE
Longest river NILE
Made a grand grander TUNED
Massenet opera MANON
Mystique AURA
News flash ITEM
Not fair? RAINY
On a slow boat to China, e.g. ASEA
On the verge of snapping TENSE
One of a knight's arms LANCE
One of Santa's team DANCER
Picasso's birthstone OPAL
Picked-up items TABS
Pizzazz ELAN
Place for an earbob LOBE
Pleasant tune LILT
Pot of gold site? ENDOFTHERAINBOW
Pupil environs IRIS
Puts in stitches SEWS
Related AKIN
Shaving cream ingredient, perhaps ALOE
Skillfully ABLY
Tater SPUD
Thespian's milieu STAGE
Tick away ELAPSE
Tree used in cabinet work ALDER
Tyrrhenian Sea isle ELBA
Weaver's frame LOOM
Went wrong ERRED
Whirled SPUN
Witty reply RETORT
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