How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 20 2007

''Buster'' preceder SOD
''L'___ del Cairo'' (unfinished Mozart opera) OCA
''The Office'' award EMMY
''Waiting for the Robert ___'' ELEE
American ___ (century plant) ALOE
Anthroponym NAME
Australian marsupial KOALA
Balkan native SLAV
Beefeater YEOMAN
British composer ARNE
Camcorder attachment STRAP
Certain Algonquian CREE
Colorado creeks, e.g. RIAS
Conical kilns OASTS
Cook's smidgen DASH
Create an outstanding design? EMBOSS
Doctors' grp. AMA
Drinking sprees JAGS
Dusting cloths RAGS
End of the yellow brick road EMERALDCITY
Farsighted one SEER
Fin ending? ESSE
Gantry or Fudd ELMER
Genetic letters DNA
Italian island ELBA
Jabbers YAPS
Kind of preview SNEAK
King of the Huns ATLI
Land map PLAT
Landlubbers' opposites SALTS
Large entry in the dictionary SET
Law school admission exams LSATS
Lessen BATE
Libation DRINK
Link together UNITE
Little bits IOTAS
Maliciously follow STALK
Memorable TV miniseries ROOTS
North Pole helpers ELVES
Partly open AJAR
Party clothes, for some TOGAS
Patrons of 41-Across EATERS
Paul Revere was one SILVERSMITH
Philanthropist Brady DIAMONDJIM
Prefix meaning ''high'' ALTI
Prettily decorated GILT
Prospecting woman? GOLDDIGGER
Pub brew ALE
Ragout, for one OLIO
Reducing, as stress EASING
River from the Vosges Mountains SAAR
Roof overhang EAVE
Runs for one's life? JOGS
Ryan of ''Love Story'' ONEAL
Singing brothers AMES
Sinn Fein's land EIRE
Some coaches (Abbr.) ASSTS
Square measures ARES
Street sport? SKIING
They make things happen DOERS
They may be secret or silent PARTNERS
This put a tiger in your tank ESSO
Tooth deposit TARTAR
Towel word HERS
Track meet event DISCUS
Transgresses SINS
TV angel DELLA
Umpteen MANY
Was plentiful ABOUNDED
Where Alice worked DINER
Wild animal's resting place LAIR
Window part SASH
Word with ''capsule'' or ''clock'' TIME
Workers' grp. ILO
___ and terminer OYER
___ loss ATA
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