How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 19 2010

"As You Like It" role CELIA
"I suspected as much!" AHA
"Otherwise, you'll be sorry!" ORELSE
"This is only ___" (part of an old TV message) ATEST
"This ___ war!" MEANS
24-hr. bank feature ATM
About-face, in the street UTURN
Ancient calculator ABACUS
Basic education trio? RRR
Born, in wedding columns NEE
Broadcast regulatory org. FCC
Came down cats and dogs TEEMED
Center-to-quarterback exchange SNAP
Commercial wrap SARAN
Disorderly outbursts TODOS
Egg producer FEMALE
Elmer's product GLUE
Elmo, for one SAINT
End of a voyage LANDFALL
Enzyme that breaks down fat LIPASE
Fail to conceal your worry SWEAT
Fell behind LAGGED
Fizzy drinks COLAS
Flight deck guess ETA
Flock female EWE
For the wine-and-cheese crowd, perhaps ARTY
Fourth qtr. starters OCTS
Funny Mandel HOWIE
Galapagos Islands critter IGUANA
Genuine REAL
Holliday's O.K. Corral ally EARP
It's found in a chest LUNG
June honoree DAD
Late-July baby LEO
Legislates ENACTS
Little seasonal helper ELF
Long-range weapon, briefly ICBM
Major injustice OUTRAGE
Mammy Yokum's boy ABNER
Mexico's second-largest state SONORA
Mgr.'s underlings ASSTS
Miner's transport TRAM
More achy SORER
Noisy chaos BEDLAM
Now, in Spain AHORA
Overrun with vermin RATTY
Poke gently NUDGE
Porridge bit OAT
Priest's gown ALB
Prisoner of war INTERNEE
Ride through the Grand Canyon? BURRO
Rock piles at bases of cliffs TALUSES
Shapely leg GAM
Slave revolt leader Turner NAT
Soft shoe bottom LEATHERSOLE
Solar eruption FLARE
Sot's syllable HIC
Steinem or Vanderbilt GLORIA
Stores after cremation INURNS
Suffix with "ethyl" or "butyl" ENE
Swedish or Mandarin, e.g. FOREIGNTONGUE
Symbol of a lingering scandal CLOUD
Take a whack at TRY
Take advantage of class time LEARN
Tennis court divider NET
That alternative? THIS
They can be designated for rest or play AREAS
Touched down ALIT
Toy with runners SLED
Where charity begins, in an adage ATHOME
Where to get a massage and a mudbath SPA
Work on the lawn MOW
___ and cry HUE
___ step further GOA
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