How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 19 2002

"Jungle Peace" author BEEBE
"Look ___ ye leap" ERE
"Maximus to Gloucester" poet Charles OLSON
''He's --- nowhere man'' (Beatles) AREAL
''I'' in ''The King and I'' ANNA
''Ich bin --- Berliner'' EIN
''Othello'' villain IAGO
--- about (roughly) ONOR
1/6 of an inch PICA
20-20, perhaps EVEN
Act as arbiter RULE
Actress Russo RENE
Additional PLUS
Adjust an ascot RETIE
Afternoon event in Chelsea TEA
Ancient German TEUTON
Antler part TINE
Appels, in fencing FEINTS
Arabian Sea gulf ADEN
Around CIRCA
Asian apes, casually ORANGS
Auditory organ EAR
Battery terminal ANODE
Before of yore ERE
Bigwig in D.C. SEN
Boxer's remark? BARK
Boy Scout group TROOP
Brainchild IDEA
Bridge seat EAST
Build a fire under AROUSE
Building blocks name LEGO
Burger and fries go-with COLA
Car bar AXLE
Ceremonial practices RITES
Chilling ONICE
Christmas song NOEL
Circus routine ACT
Citrus cooler ADE
City on the Arno PISA
Club in a bag IRON
Comic strip pooch OTTO
Commotion ADO
Consider DEEM
Contest mail-in ENTRY
Crazy way to run AMOK
Curvy-horned goat IBEX
Dagger of yore SNEE
Diving acronym SCUBA
Dollars for quarters RENT
Dutch commune EDE
Eastern title AGHA
Eat elegantly DINE
Elevator innovator OTIS
Enfold WRAP
Evaluate again REASSESS
Exude OOZE
Facial hair LASHES
Fateful day in the Forum IDES
Fencing swords EPEES
Fender flaw DENT
Fern leaf FROND
Fielder's flub ERROR
Fiery gem OPAL
Film star Wallach ELI
Four seasons YEAR
Free-for-all MELEE
French cubist painter Fernand LEGER
Fuel container TANK
Gaping mouths MAWS
German auto pioneer Karl BENZ
Giver-upper CEDER
Go over again REHASH
Govt. inspectors FDA
Graffiti writer, e.g. VANDAL
He reached his peak PIKE
Holds an opinion BITESONESTONGUE
Huck Finn's transport RAFT
Inspires with wonder AWES
It can be pressing NEED
Jalopy HEAP
Jambalaya ingredient RICE
John on the radio ELTON
Kidney, e.g. BEAN
Kimono cousin ROBE
Kind of kick ONSIDE
Kind of wool STEEL
Late-night name OBRIEN
Like a beaver EAGER
Majorie Daw's conveyance SEESAW
Monastic auxiliary OBLATE
NASA problem part ORING
Not pickled SOBER
One may undergo surgery TREE
One of Adam's boys ABEL
One of Adam's boys SETH
Onetime pupa IMAGO
Ostrich kin RHEA
Out-and-out ARRANT
Pal of Theodore and Alvin SIMON
Pass the buck DEFER
Penn of "The Game" SEAN
Piece of the pie SLICE
Pitcher Nolan RYAN
Place for a ring LOBE
Poisonous snake ASP
Porch shader AWNING
Pot head? LID
Privy to INON
Pull up stakes MOVE
Puts a stop to ENDS
Ranch unit ACRE
Refrained from talking BUTTONEDONESLIP
Relaxation EASE
Require a rubdown ACHE
Returns to original condition RESTORES
Riddle-me-___ REE
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Sax for Bird ALTO
Shrink in fear COWER
Simile center ASA
Singer Summer DONNA
Site of the fabled forges of the Cyclopes ETNA
Sits down heavily PLOPS
Solomon, to David SON
Spins around REELS
Stalin's predecessor LENIN
Strongest man on The Planet? KENT
Tandoor, e.g. OVEN
Tea-leaf reader SEER
The final word, to theologists AMEN
Time for a break SPRING
Touched down ALIT
Towheaded BLOND
Track circuits LAPS
Traumatic event for a cat BATH
Trotsky or Spinks LEON
Two under par EAGLE
Type of arrangement FLORAL
Type of sign NEON
Watch secretly SPY
Word with Corn or Bible BELT
Word with star or ranger LONE
Work without --- ANET
You may be bursting with it PRIDE
Zero, to Sampras LOVE
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