How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 14 2008

''Laugh-In'' comic Johnson ARTE
''Stardust'' is one OLDIE
''Swan Lake'' outfit TUTU
1953 Leslie Caron musical LILI
50 minutes, to a shrink HOUR
90 degrees from norte ESTE
Add on ANNEX
Algeria's Gulf of ___ ORAN
Animal related to the horse ASS
Approval from Oral Roberts Univ.? TULSAOK
As an undiversified whole SOLIDLY
Audio effect ECHO
Barbecue site PATIO
Be a human sponge MOOCH
Bergen dummy SNERD
Bitter in taste ACERB
Brief reminder MEMO
Bustling with noise AROAR
Candace Parker was its 2008 MVP WNBA
Certain leg bone SHIN
Check the bar code SCAN
Chop chop ASAP
Columbus sailed from here PALOS
Computer pic ICON
Conversational nuance TONE
Daisy's relative ASTER
Doctor from Johns Hopkins? BALTIMOREMD
Double-walled flask DEWAR
Due every six months SEMIANNUAL
Emigre from Ork MORK
Fiscal bottom line NET
Funeral pile PYRE
Gael gal LASS
Gamboling place LEA
Get a frosty coating ICEUP
GI's cureall pill APC
Greeting from the Punchbowl? HONOLULUHI
Hosp. area for emergency cases ICU
Inventor Elias HOWE
Island garlands LEIS
It is often dropped LINE
It's put before Descartes RENE
Joe Biden's father was one? SCRANTONPA
Lake feeder INLET
Like a crab apple SOUR
Like a dishrag LIMP
Lose heart DESPAIR
Loving touch PAT
Lumber camp implements AXES
Lunch, for many NOONMEAL
March Madness org. NCAA
Medium-sized young chickens FRYERS
Mozart's ''___ kleine Nachtmusik'' EINE
Ninth president's monogram WHH
North Pole work place TOYSHOP
One who cries ''Uncle'' NIECE
Outback bird EMU
Papua New Guinea city where Amelia Earhart was last seen LAE
Pothooks ESSES
President Ahmadinejad's country IRAN
Put on, as cargo LOADUP
Rap sheet entry PRIOR
Sacred serpents ASPS
Silent greeting NOD
Skier's badge at Bald Mountain? SUNVALLEYID
Skillet material IRON
Storage site DEPOSITORY
String quartet member VIOLA
Swindler's scheme BUNCO
Symbol of America APPLEPIE
The ''f'' in f-stop FOCAL
Tracy Marrow, familiarly ICET
U.N. member USA
U.S. 1, e.g. RTE
Water, to Monet EAU
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