How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 12 2008

''Battle Cry'' author Uris LEON
''Bureau'' or ''union'' preceder CREDIT
''Everything must go'' event SALE
''G'day!'' sayer AUSSIE
''Help yourself'' HERE
''Sissy,'' mostly ESSES
''That's What Friends Are For'' co-writer Carol Bayer SAGER
''The Little Red Book'' writer MAO
''The ___ Piper of Hamelin'' PIED
1/6 fl. oz. TSP
Absurd INANE
Adored ones IDOLS
Aid for lost souls, briefly? GPS
Altoids containers TINS
Aqueduct formation ARCH
Barely able to talk HOARSE
Batting practice area CAGE
Blood typing system ABO
Brandy flavor APRICOT
Break a tie? UNLACE
Butcher's offering CHUCKROAST
Carroll creature SNARK
Chief constituent of all plant tissues CELLULOSE
Congressional approval YEA
Countdown start, often TEN
Curative locale SPA
Decorative loop PICOT
Defensible TENABLE
Degree candidate's exam ORAL
Destructive insect LOCUST
Dramatic division ACT
Drug cop NARC
Eggs OVA
Epidermal opening PORE
First shepherd ABEL
Fleur-de-___ LIS
French Dadaist ARP
Furthermore ALSO
German industrial center ESSEN
Greta of ''Camille'' GARBO
Hard-nosed STERN
Harsh vocal quality RASP
Hightailed it RAN
Hurl tableware? PITCHFORKS
Hurry on horseback GALLOP
In fine fettle HALE
Judge Abdul PAULA
Kind of stomach CASTIRON
Lacking taste INSIPID
Legendary beast ORC
Long John Silver had one LEG
More than heavy OBESE
Nasdaq offering STOCK
No more than MERELY
Nun's wear HABIT
Olympic activities EVENTS
Partner of food and lodging GAS
Perfect pigskin toss SPIRAL
Port on the Black Sea ODESSA
Prefix meaning ''new'' NEO
Problems in the 2000 election CHADS
Prompt willingness EAGERNESS
Resinous substance LAC
Rise suddenly SOAR
Ruler of yore TSAR
Shape of mountain roads, sometimes ESS
Sigmund or Anna FREUD
Small floor covering THROWRUG
Spicy condiment WASABI
Thailand money BAHTS
They demand exact conformity to rules DISCIPLINARIANS
Tow truck letters AAA
Unspecified person ONE
Upkeep CARE
Where Galileo was born PISA
White-tailed herons EGRETS
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