How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 12 2005

''Butterfield 8'' author OHARA
''Pow!'' SOCK
''Star Trek'' actor KOENIG
''With friends like ___, who ...'' THESE
''___ Less Ordinary'' (1997 film) ALIFE
A lot of pizzazz? ZEES
African antelope TOPI
Artificially created human, in Jewish folklore GOLEM
Asks for alms BEGS
At pique's peak IRATE
Base negotiating amounts NEEDS
Bell town of fiction ADANO
Big expense for truckers FUEL
Bill Griffith comic strip ZIPPYTHEPINHEAD
Blacksmith's tool RASP
Bruins' letters UCLA
Certain currency EURO
Completes a cupcake ICES
Deadly FATAL
Demagnetize, as a tape ERASE
Drive in Beverly Hills RODEO
Duke's monogram EKE
Egg on URGE
Exporting unit, sometimes TON
Fencer's choice EPEE
Forfeiture LOSS
Friendly talk CHAT
Geographic area EAST
Has warm and fuzzy feelings toward LIKES
Huff and puff PANT
Hungarian goulash ingredient PAPRIKA
It's in central New York UTICA
Italian pie PIZZA
Kett of old comics ETTA
Lake, city or canal ERIE
Lobster eggs, e.g. ROE
Mature RIPE
Matzoh's lack YEAST
Most angry SOREST
Moths' calling cards? HOLES
Munro by another name SAKI
Museum curator's deg., perhaps MFA
Muumuu accessory LEI
Naval rank above warrant officer ENSIGN
Net result UPSHOT
New hire's question WHOSTHEBOSS
Non-studio film, for short INDIE
Part of a Boy Scout's uniform NECKERCHIEF
Part of a holiday phrase TREAT
Played for a sucker USED
Pleistocene Epoch ICEAGE
Preside over CHAIR
Prime minister before Gladstone DISRAELI
Public house mainstay ALE
Pungent pepper CHILI
Punxsutawney celeb PHIL
Pursue furtively STALK
Recipe direction, perhaps SAUTE
Reply to a ques. ANS
Richard III's request AHORSE
Six-line poem SESTET
Sounds from a brood PEEPS
Supplement ADD
Tagalong's words METOO
Turns a maxi into a mini, e.g. HEMS
Type of reaction CHAIN
Typesetting units EMS
Violinist's aid ROSIN
Well-known sci-fi movie hero HANSOLO
Win all games in a series SWEEP
WJM's Baxter TED
___ Lanka SRI
___ the hole ACEIN
___-relief sculpture BAS
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