How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 11 2018

"Bill and ___ Bogus Journey" teds
"___ you being helped?" are
Airplane's wake contrail
All males hes
Anatomical backs dorsa
Apex acme
Aromatherapy setting spa
Ballroom floor marks scuffs
Baseball offic ump
Be incorrect err
Blade sharpener strop
Boat salesperson's cornball come-on? letslakeadeal
Bonnet center? ens
Busy German city essen
Circular staircase part newel
Club over a king ace
Common balm ingredients aloes
Crystal-ballers seers
Decay rot
Do a tailor's task sew
Drain-opening liquid lye
Drops, as poundage sheds
Eye inflammation stye
Farming tool hoe
Gotham letters nyc
Group's tenets ethos
Half gainer, e.g dive
Hero's next status idol
Hills with only one scarp cuestas
Hope unit ray
Invite through the door askin
Kentucky sports legend ali
Kenyan river tana
Kind of bran oat
Kind of secret fund slush
Largest city of Yemen sanaa
Lobbies foyers
Made occur caused
Military help from up high aircover
Modified handkerchief bandanna
More sick iller
More than just voted for endorsed
Noisy disturbance tumult
Not excessive moderate
Not quite puree stir
Old start with "while" erst
Old World language erse
One-page ads leaflets
Overnight stopover inn
Ozone layer depleter, briefly cfc
Painter Max ernst
Pare or peel flay
Polished and suave urbane
Presidential option veto
Quick nosh bite
Reverse an action undo
Rio Grande seafood entrees make it a ...? fullcourseriver
Second viewing replay
Secretive contracts, briefly ndas
Security for a debt lien
Sheep sound baa
Shocking bombshell stunner
Sibilant "Ahem" psst
Some bye earners seeds
State of irritation huff
Take a gander look
Tank type septic
Tide's weak action ebb
Tie-___ (promos) ins
Treat horrifically abuse
Two-color cookie oreo
Viewed as terrifying feared
Water vessels pails
Waterway since 7/4/1776? independencebay
Wicker furniture weaver caner
___ out a victory (barely won) eked
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