How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 11 2009

"A leopard can't change its spots," e.g. SAW
"Anything ___" GOES
"Captain Blood" star Flynn ERROL
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Driving Miss Daisy" driver HOKE
"Futurama" creator Groening MATT
"So much," musically TANTO
"The ___ Piper of Hamelin" PIED
"What's mine is ___" YOURS
"Y" sporter ELI
.00001 newton DYNE
A day's march ETAPE
Adams or Johnson DON
Addressed the court PLED
Alphabetized, e.g. SORTED
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Apprehends NABS
Archer who aims for the heart EROS
Beam intensely LASE
Big cheese in Athens FETA
Breakfast rasher BACON
Bridal path bit PETAL
California ballplayer ANGEL
Certain Chinese mafia association TONG
Certain teaching material VISUALAID
Citrus peel in a mixed drink TWIST
Clutch performer? TALON
Crab's sensor PALP
Dick Grayson's alter ego ROBIN
Exasperated sounds SIGHS
Full of topical info NEWSY
Get ___ start (be tardy) ALATE
Guy who stood behind Michael Jackson TITO
High-fiber fruit FIG
High-roller's limit, perhaps TABLESTAKES
Hits a high point PEAKS
Horned Egyptian goddess ISIS
Illegal lending practice USURY
Important organs for a singer LUNGS
Improved muscle definition TONED
It has notions ETUI
Keep ___ to the ground ANEAR
Lack of muscle tone ATONY
Linen sale purchase SHEET
Lip-___ (pretend to sing) SYNC
Meddlesome gossip YENTA
Meeting moderator CHAIRPERSON
Nonclerical LAIC
Not guilty, e.g. PLEA
Offended HURT
Oom-pah-pah instrument TUBA
Persia, now IRAN
Poem's final stanza (Var.) ENVOI
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Put into a Dumpster, e.g. SCRAP
Rock star Clapton ERIC
Sgt. Snorkel's four-legged friend OTTO
Spray under the sink LYSOL
Spring flower IRIS
Steam bath sites SPAS
Talker looking for a deal, often STOOLPIGEON
Ten-toed sloth? COUCHPOTATO
Terrible ruler? IVAN
Terrier named for a Scottish isle SKYE
Texas city where Dr Pepper was created WACO
That certain something ELAN
Thing worse than knavery EVIL
To the sheltered side, at sea ALEE
Tug-of-war need ROPE
Twelve o'clock, half the time NOON
Uncooked side SLAW
Uppity ones SNOOTS
Vatican City monetary unit, once LIRA
Viper for one SNAKE
Wartime friend ALLY
Wear and tear USE
Yr.'s end DEC
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