How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 11 2002

''--- was saying ...'' ASI
''The Ghost and Mrs. ---'' MUIR
''Winnie --- Pu'' ILLE
--- Aviv TEL
--- Valley, 1960 Winter Olympics locale SQUAW
Acute KEEN
Be on the same page AGREE
Beige and ecru TANS
Blood distributor AORTA
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Closet wood CEDAR
Coat-of-arms border ORLE
Cutting remark DIG
Cutting-edge NEW
Delhi dress SARI
Dime-a-dozen CHEAP
Dr. Mom's remedy TLC
Drivers' payouts TOLLS
Driving no-nos, sometimes UTURNS
European opening? INDO
French spread BRIE
Furtive glance PEEP
Glorify EXALT
Golfer Ernie ELS
Golfer or his clubs WOODS
In --- of LIEU
Interrogate intensely PUMP
It's cultivated WHEAT
Just right IDEAL
Lagoon encloser ATOLL
Last car to arrive? CABOOSE
Leak preventers WASHERS
Like some cards and men MARKED
Little doll CUTIE
Long-necked wading bird EGRET
Morning coffee go-with PAPER
Napoleon relative? ECLAIR
Nastassja Kinski title role TESS
Ocean crosser SST
Oil target SQUEAK
Paleozoic ERA
Peddler's offerings WARES
Ply the seas SAIL
Pop singer Vikki CARR
Pretentiously cultured ARTY
Quite a party GALA
Raymond Chandler sleuth MARLOWE
Reindeer trailer SLED
Sand or quartz SILICA
Scorch CHAR
See-through SHEER
Send a message, in a way FAX
Set of computer keystrokes MACRO
Shakespeare's Kate SHREW
Slip and slide SKID
Small spot SPECKLE
Sounds from the nest CHEEPS
Strict observers of the rules PURISTS
Sucker CHUMP
Supposes RECKONS
Team meeting? BULLSESSION
Team novelties? KNICKKNACKS
Tend to the batter STIR
Tibetan carrier YAK
Type of palm SAGO
Type of shaft CAM
Typesetting units PICAS
Vacation spoiler RAIN
Wake up and smell the coffee? ARISE
Watered HOSED
Where to find ''Friends'' NBC
Woman Jimmy courted off court CHRIS
Wordy Gershwin IRA
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