How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 10 2014

"24" actress Cuthbert ELISHA
"A German Requiem" composer BRAHMS
"Cook" or "kitchen" add-on WARE
"Don't change," to an editor STET
"Yay, team!" RAH
"You've Got Mail" screen CRT
"___ Christie" ANNA
'70s dance hall DISCO
Acted the ratfink SANG
American Uncle SAM
Antiquated ANCIENT
Apportion (out) METE
Attendance fig EST
Bad fit? AGUE
Barn-dance number REEL
Became more mature AGED
Bring to life ANIMATE
Brown shade ECRU
Brush aside DISMISS
Bulldog booster ELI
Canonical hour SEXT
Canton in central Switzerland URI
Cleopatra's river NILE
Costa del ___ SOL
Crazy-looking outfit GETUP
Deep sea catch TUNA
Director Reitman IVAN
DNA holder GENE
Do a farm chore ENSILE
Do an auto service job LUBE
Do well before a judge MAKEASTRONGCASE
Domestic fowls HENS
Emerald Isle language ERSE
Famed clown Kelly EMMETT
Farm sound MOO
Finish fasting EAT
Food shops DELIS
Fulfill, as one's desires GRATIFY
Ga. Tech. grad., perhaps ENGR
Give cheer to ELATE
Grandson in Genesis ENOS
Have regrets RUE
Home run swings RIPS
Intimate apparel item BRA
Issues an advisory WARNS
Japanese religion SHINTO
Layer COAT
Least amount FEWEST
Like everyone in the family AKIN
Make used (to) INURE
Mirror reflection IMAGE
Mowed row SWATH
Muscle maker when pumped IRON
Navy officer ENSIGN
Nixon's Secretary of Defense LAIRD
Noted Chinese dynasty WEI
Oft-painted jug EWER
Overly content SMUG
Ox harnesses YOKES
Part of the world's population MEN
Photog's concern FOCUS
Poetic "before" ERE
Pre-deal payments ANTES
Reactors to litmus ACIDS
Relents (with "up") EASES
Seriously untidy state MESS
Sullen GLUM
True item FACT
Type of jet LEAR
Was in front of the others LED
Watered down WEAK
Where you might testify INTHEWITNESSBOX
Word with "too late" ITS
Work a hula hoop GYRATE
You'll feel it in Dullsville ENNUI
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