How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 10 2009

"And now ..." sayer EMCEE
"Aye!" sayer PRO
"Bejabbers!" EGAD
"Clair de ___" (Debussy) LUNE
"Jurassic Park III" star Tea LEONI
"Of all the ___!" NERVE
"That feels good!" AHH
"The Star-Spangled Banner" syllable OER
"War of the Worlds" narrator Welles ORSON
"Well, what do you ___?" KNOW
Ace's value, at times ONE
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Actor Kinski KLAUS
Admiral, e.g. RANK
Ahmadinejad's country IRAN
Apple gadget PARER
At no time, to poets NEER
Bathroom floor worker TILER
Battery type DRYCELL
Become fuzzy BLUR
Bo Derek film before "10" ORCA
Bounder ROUE
Breaking need? CUE
Caddie's offering TEE
Casual car ride SPIN
Certain Beehive State college athlete UTE
Certain école LYCEE
Changed into BECAME
Cleaner's challenge STY
Covers with coal dust SOOTS
Does a plumber's job UNCLOGS
Drumroll drum SNARE
Earthy pigment UMBER
Espionage infiltrators MOLES
Folk singer DiFranco ANI
Go-___ (racing vehicle) KART
Gradual deterioration EROSION
Gruesome LURID
Had more points than LED
Having to do with the kidneys RENAL
Identified wrongly MISTOOK
Joined two loose ends TIED
Kind of float ROOTBEER
Kind of timing SPLITSECOND
Kwanzaa principle UNITY
Lessee's subsidy RENTCONTROL
Letter sign-off YOURS
Like organized desks NEAT
Lofty abode (Var.) AERY
Made tea STEEPED
Make one's head spin on the floor? BREAKDANCE
Metal wrap FOIL
Mug tightening FACELIFT
Note from someone shy? IOU
Office notices MEMOS
San ___, Calif. MATEO
Siren, according to myth LURER
Slip past EVADE
Squirrel's nest DREY
Start of a gossipy remark IHEAR
Strong animosity ODIUM
Swedish city near Copenhagen MALMO
Sweetie DEARY
Swimming apparatus SNORKEL
Tell a better joke than, e.g. TOP
The Auld ___ (Ireland) SOD
Tobacco shop offering BLEND
Tooth-puller's org. ADA
Track race TROT
Unarmed, in slang CLEAN
Very much a fan of INTO
Vic's "Alice" role MEL
Wannabe recording star's tape DEMO
Washing-up pitcher EWER
Word with "hand to mouth" or "time to time" FROM
___classical (Stravinsky's style) NEO
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