How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 09 2012

"... ___ a midnight dreary" UPON
"Don't make me laugh!" HAH
"Hang ___ your hats" ONTO
"Peter Pan" girl WENDY
"You bet!" YES
(For) more than what's needed GOODMEASURE
(For) over fifty percent THEMOSTPART
(For) time without end EVERANDADAY
112.5 degrees from S ENE
A little of a large lot? ACRE
Apportioned SHARED
Assign as one's share ALLOT
Auto club offering TOW
Baby bird call CHIRP
Ballpark buy HOTDOG
Barcelona buddies AMIGOS
Better-qualified ABLER
Beyond the ordinary UNCANNY
Biblical brother CAIN
Bone below the knee SHIN
Built-out window ORIEL
Caesar or Antony, e.g ROMAN
Cantor and Murphy EDDIES
CD-___ ROM
Chowder morsels CLAMS
City east of Phoenix MESA
Commencement ONSET
Commit a faux pas ERR
Course of study for future docs PREMED
Defeated rival LOSER
Display monitor on an ATM CRT
Divine entreaty PRAYER
Dreamy sleep stage REM
Fair-haired men BLONDS
Feeling of fury IRE
First-year cadet PLEBE
French river known for its valley LOIRE
Fruit of the vine GRAPE
Gaggle formation VEE
Grassy plain LLANO
Greek writer of fables AESOP
Hair coloring DYE
Has coming MERITS
Hatchling from a green egg EMU
Historic introduction? PRE
It goes with crumpets TEA
It has a humerus side ULNA
Less common RARER
Light-green plums GAGES
Like a haunted house EERIE
Like some jazzy cats HEP
Love archer EROS
Many are spotted around Valentine's Day CUPIDS
McSorley's Old ___ House ALE
North African port city ALGIERS
Purposely stay just out of reach, e.g TEASE
Say further ADD
See 53-Across ETERNITY
Seed-to-be OVULE
Setting for many jokes BAR
Snooty attitudes AIRS
Source of tapioca CASSAVA
Spectral GHOSTLY
Starve oneself UNDEREAT
Sticks around REMAINS
Strong silklike fabric RAMIE
Suit sizes for the tall LONGS
Thailand's neighbor LAOS
Tut's fertility goddess ISIS
Used a backhoe DUG
Word after "film" or "cafe" NOIR
Word with "living" or "dead" END
___ Jeane (Marilyn, originally) NORMA
___-ski (post-slopes relaxation) APRES
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