How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 07 2018

"Sweet!" nice
"The ___" (Peck horror film) omen
"Whether ___ nobler ..." tis
A British royal anne
Aaron's staff rod
Ages and ages eon
Agree silently nod
Airline seat feature tray
Appeal to God pray
Attack unexpectedly raid
Barbecue coals embers
Batty navigation aid sonar
Bicyclist rider
Catch-all category (Abbr.) misc
Central New York city utica
Chuck wagon offering grub
Cinematic plantation tara
Cola complements rums
Compact application rouge
Correct, as text edit
Cup holder saucer
Discharge from the body egest
Dodged evaded
DVD player beam laser
Elected head of the sewer? micepresident
Enticing scent aroma
Eyebrow stuff hair
Far less rich poorer
FBI operative, in slang gman
Fit of shivering ague
Foil metal aluminum
Gander-taker eyer
Get some shuteye doze
Grant basis need
Ground-breaker hoe
Grp. with crude interests? opec
Haitian sorcery voodoo
Hindu musical form raga
Improved by time, as wine aged
In the year of our Lord annodomini
Intestinal obstruction ileus
Jazz play there utah
Kind of fingerprint dna
Kind of processing data
Kirk's ship enterprise
Like bullies mean
Like low-watt bulbs dim
Low point nadir
Middle Eastern citizen arab
No-stick spray pam
Not ___ snuff upto
One way to sit by? idly
Part of, as a conspiracy inon
Performing pairs duos
Pirate's friend matey
Poison ___ ivy
Prevent entry of debar
Proud papas dads
Radio features tuners
Santa ___, Calif ana
Sibling's child niece
Sickly sentimental schmaltz
Smoker in Sicily etna
States of commotion ados
Steep artificial slope escarp
Street urchin gamin
Strongly opposed averse
The infested disco/ice rink caused .. dancingonmice
Trumpet-shaped lily sego
Trusted Bush advisers? condoleezzamice
Type of poet? laureate
Uncommon rare
Unlikable protagonist antihero
Vending machine collector? slot
Word of cheer rah
Xmas mo dec
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