How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 07 2009

"Abandon hope, all ye who ___ here" ENTER
"An Iceland Fisherman" author Pierre LOTI
"Enter the Dragon" star LEE
"No Turn ___" ONRED
"The Last of the Mohicans" heroine CORA
"The Thinker," for one NUDE
"Yours truly" and others CLOSES
"___ words were never spoken" TRUER
Aberdeen folk SCOTS
Abridge, maybe EDIT
Act the femme fatale LURE
All the stage is his world ACTOR
American chameleon ANOLE
Arouse, as interest KINDLE
Averse LOATH
Be an omen (of) AUGUR
Be heartsick ACHE
Birthday units YEARS
Break the news TELL
Brenda Russell hit song PIANOINTHEDARK
Brownish purple PUCE
Change of heart? ORGANTRANSPLANT
Cleanup target STY
Critic's positive review RAVE
Croissant, for one ROLL
Decision-maker at home? UMPIRE
Dissolved substance SOLUTE
Distillery mixture MASH
Etching fluid ACID
Fall lead-in? PRAT
Forwarded SENT
Galileo's hometown PISA
Go out with DATE
Golf bag carrier CADDIE
It may have a big head ALE
John, Paul or George, but not Ringo SAINT
Kind of loser BORN
Lace Junior's shoes, e.g. RETIE
Like a brand new dollar bill CRISP
Like pocketed pool balls SUNK
Lyon river SAONE
Made from a common grain OATEN
Mag. execs EDS
Mail delivery org. USPS
Male bee DRONE
Mayberryesque RURAL
More than simmers BOILS
Mouth widener GRIN
Need medical attention AIL
Nero's "being" ESSE
Of the endocrine system GLANDULAR
One way to gain interest? SAVE
Orange-skinned Muppet ERNIE
Palm model PRE
Piece of chewing tobacco PLUG
Portable storage containers ACCORDIONFILES
Premeal prayers BLESSINGS
Quaintly attractive CUTE
Radius companion ULNA
Ready for surgery, for short PREP
Rectangular paving stone SETT
Ritually pure KOSHER
Ruler toppled in 1973 SHAH
Russian-born composer Stravinsky IGOR
Sibilant summons PSST
Sketch of a person, for short BIOS
Smoker in Sicily? ETNA
Smoking gun PROOF
Smooth SUAVE
Sorbet relatives ICES
Spots for house martin nests EAVES
Teen-y problem? ACNE
Theater boxes LOGES
Violent spasm THROE
What shifty eyes do DART
___-do-well NEER
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