How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 06 2016

"Out of the question!" NOWAY
"___ objections?" ANY
A Polynesian island, if doubled BORA
Accumulated years AGED
Activity center, to an airline HUB
Asian sash OBI
Available to receive customers OPEN
Baggins in "The Hobbit" BILBO
Bar item STOOL
Big and clumsy ones OAFS
Big butte MESA
Bounces out of an apartment EVICTS
Bungles ERRS
Calligrapher's favorite part of a soccer match? PENALTYSHOOTOUT
Cameron of films DIAZ
Catch one's breath and then some REST
Cold cut emporium DELI
Conclusion END
Dangerous WWII sub UBOAT
Denver-to-Telluride dir WSW
Desktop symbol ICON
Eat like a rat GNAW
Educate TEACH
Eight musical intervals, collectively OCTAVE
Electrify or stun AWE
Email address ending, for some ORG
Features of proper nouns CAPITALIZATIONS
Good toy for March KITE
Hectic parts of hospitals, briefly ERS
How angry people contest things? HOTLY
Hunk of concrete SLAB
In a way fraught with trouble PROBLEMATICALLY
In need of mending TORN
Island of southern Indonesia BALI
It may be involved in a calligrapher's hanging? ROLLOFWALLPAPER
It's just not right LEFT
Itsy-bitsy smashable things ATOMS
Largest Latvian city RIGA
Legendary Torme MEL
Letter-shaped extensions ELLS
Lingering sound effect ECHO
M, on a form MALE
Made cotton or cotton candy SPUN
Major Indian city DELHI
Male moguls NABOBS
Meaner than mean CRUEL
Member of a suit you play with SPADE
Month known for rain APRIL
Nevada hotspot RENO
Not as hard to accomplish EASIER
Opposite of blessing CURSE
Organization for lawyers ABA
Pantry creature ANT
Partner for "skip" and "jump" HOP
Place celebrating red, white and blue USA
Places to relax and luxuriate SPAS
Prophet SEER
Provide a slight hint, to a calligrapher? GIVEANINKLINGOF
Provide kindness that kills ENABLE
Rambo rescuees POWS
Rating that brings a smile AONE
Ready to get picked RIPE
Rise ominously LOOM
Rough-surfaced file RASP
Rural pasture LEA
Simple, informal restaurant BISTRO
Sneakily clever SLY
Take as a bride WIVE
The zoo is full of them BEASTS
Two-person lift TBAR
Voluminous type of bag TOTE
Water channel SLUICE
What drivers hit on purpose HORNS
What make suits three-pieces VESTS
Wickedness EVIL
___ serif (font option) SANS
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