How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 05 2015

"And what have we here?" OHO
"Dig in!" EAT
"Planet of the Apes" planet EARTH
"___ Gun" TOP
"___ your instructions ..." ASPER
1/6 of an ounce (Abbr.) TSP
100-dinar coins RIALS
1990s Chevy LUMINA
38th parallel country KOREA
Apportions ALLOTS
Barefaced BLATANT
Brooklyn Dodgers, affectionately BUMS
Builder's backing LATH
Builds a fire under AROUSES
Bullets, in Vegas ACES
Capitol VIP SEN
Carrot, e.g TAPROOT
Check cancellation STOPPAYMENT
Classic introduction? NEO
Clownish miming APERY
Coffee, the milky way LATTE
Coin aperture SLOT
Coin-toss call HEADS
Cold War concern HBOMB
Commotion ADO
Confrontations RUNINS
Copier fluids TONERS
Cousin of calypso SKA
Crunch maker NESTLE
Didn't hit the snooze button AROSE
English 101 reading ODES
Fortune-teller's sign OMEN
Frederick the Great's realm PRUSSIA
Greek "T" TAU
Half-pints RUNTS
Heavy-metal rock? ORE
Hit the ceiling BLOWONESTOP
Hotfoot it HIE
Husbands and wives MATES
Islam's deity ALLAH
Jazz quintet's home? UTAH
Kind of ticket ONEWAY
Kind of witness EXPERT
Like a doubting Thomas LEERY
Like Newton's bodies, sometimes ATREST
Like people from Mecca SAUDI
Likely to fidget ANTSY
Long. companion LAT
Lumber mill fixture SAW
Made a bundle on the farm? HAYED
Make a scene? ACT
Merry-go-round, e.g RIDE
Mountaineer's tool ICEAX
Mouse manipulator USER
One-horse town WHISTLESTOP
Partner of video AUDIO
Pasta sauce with basil PESTO
Plant scientist BOTANIST
Prefix with "solve" or "respect" DIS
Prehistoric OLD
Protective case SHEATH
Roof material, sometimes TAR
Seed enclosure ARIL
Soft, crumbly earth MARL
Sound of a falling egg SPLAT
Staff assistants AIDES
The act of conferring an honor BESTOWAL
Time for a break RECESS
Time piece, briefly MIN
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Unit of loudness PHON
Virgil put him through hell DANTE
Wine label word CRU
Wonder Woman's weapon LASSO
Worked like a dog LABORED
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