How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 05 2012

"B'rith" preceder BNAI
"Fawlty Towers" character BASIL
"His Master's Voice" co RCA
"Just to name a few" ETAL
"Peek-a-boo, ___ you!" ISEE
"The ___" (Virgil work) AENEID
"What did I tell you?" SEE
"Who ___ to judge?" AMI
21st U.S. president's monogram CAA
Accompanier of means and opportunity MOTIVE
Agcy. concerned with air time? FAA
Alternative to a bikini ONEPIECE
Arrival-board word DUE
Assistance HELP
Auto grille protectors BRAS
Bad way to be prepared? ILL
Bad-mouth CONDEMN
Border duty TARIFF
Boulder-to-Pueblo dir SSE
Casts off the skin MOLTS
Certain parasitic creepy-crawler EELWORM
Clay mixture LOAM
Close shave SCARE
Conclude by reasoning INFER
Cummerbund folds PLEATS
Denim magnate Strauss LEVI
Disease of cereal grasses ERGOT
Duke's conference, briefly ACC
Falls as ice SLEETS
Famous gem once owned by J.P. Morgan STAROFINDIA
Flyover country, to some MIDDLEAMERICA
Full of oneself VAIN
Goddess of abundance and fertility OPS
Goodbyes on the Island ALOHAS
Greenwich time zone GMT
Grown-up bug IMAGO
Hang like a spaniel's ears DROOP
Hygienists' coworkers DENTISTS
Ignited LIT
It falls mainly on the plain RAININSPAIN
It may be civil yet raging WAR
Just had a feeling SENSED
Lion's pride MANE
Lukewarm TEPID
Many a time OFT
Mountain ridge ARETE
New Zealand native MAORI
Night before a holiday EVE
October birthstones BERYLS
One conferring honor upon ENNOBLER
One making introductory remarks EMCEE
Pasture, poetically LEA
Pencil stump NUB
Playwright Edward ALBEE
Poultry delicacies CAPONS
Prefix for "sol" or "space" AERO
Preposition in poetry ERE
Product pitches ADS
Proposer or salesperson, essentially OFFERER
Public contempt IGNOMINY
Put aside the inferior ones CULL
Rather recent NEWISH
Rotten grades EFFS
Setting for many jokes BAR
Spartan serf HELOT
Spine-chilling EERIE
Spiny, treelike cactus CHOLLA
Summit ACME
Take back, as a public statement RETRACT
Tall mountain ALP
Tarzan, for one APEMAN
Twist badly WRENCH
Under-the-table item LEG
Wooden shoe CLOG
Words before a kiss IDO
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