How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 04 2014

"Anything ___?" ELSE
"Deck the Halls," e.g CAROL
"Duck soup!" EASY
"___-haw!" (cowboy's cry) YEE
Abraham Lincoln was a member of it REPUBLICANPARTY
Actress Close GLENN
African antelope (Var.) LICHI
Ancient cross TAU
Bagpiper's wear KILT
Banana split ingredient ICECREAM
Battery's positive pole ANODE
Become narrow TAPER
Beyond the fringe OUTRE
Big jerk TUG
Brooks of music GARTH
Buzzing ASTIR
Competitor's share PURSE
Concerning the kidneys RENAL
Corn holder COB
Decorative sewing case ETUI
Dispatch boat AVISO
Eat in the evening SUP
Economist's concern (Abbr.) GNP
Feeds, as hogs SLOPS
Flood control LEVEE
Followed a missile's path ARCED
Four-line rhyme scheme AABA
Genuflecting joint KNEE
Get the better of BEST
Go-___ (achiever) GETTER
Golf hazard TRAP
Group of cheerleaders SQUAD
Group that disagrees with the majority DISSENTINGPARTY
Gymnast's surface MAT
Harvard rival YALE
Hot spots OVENS
In-flight info, for short ETA
It's taken for trips LSD
Kind of bathing suit ONEPIECE
Kind of milk (with "of") MAGNESIA
Lapidarist's item GEM
Legalese for "unless" NISI
Major network ABC
Make blank ERASE
Make off with ABDUCT
Man or ostrich, e.g BIPED
Maxims LOGIA
May 8, 1945 VEDAY
Musical drama OPERA
Not too hot SOSO
One carrying on a trade PLYER
Originally named NEE
Overused theme TROPE
Papa's mate MAMA
Part of a geisha's attire OBI
Play things ACTS
Pleased GLAD
Police car warning SIREN
Prayer's end AMEN
Raccoon's cousin RINGTAIL
Rocket fuel ingredient, for short NITRO
Sidewinder, for one SNAKE
Starbursts NOVAE
Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie ___" AMOUR
Tablelands MESAS
Thickening agent AGAR
Tracks OVALS
Type of broom WHISK
U.S. publications grp GPO
Vert. counterpart HOR
Wear with flair SPORT
Where no one eats their chips? RENO
Where one is out of character? MASQUERADEPARTY
Working description SPEC
Works on, as a bone GNAWS
___ de toilette EAU
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